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Black Hat Asia 2002

Black Hat Asia 2002
there are no audio or video files available for this conference

Track/Speaker/Topic Presentation Notes/Tools
Keynote Presentations - Black Hat Asia 2002

Thomas C. Waszak

Martin Khoo
Computer Forensics - Tracking the Cyber Vandals

Track 1 - Black Hat Asia 2002

Stephen Dugan
Cisco Security

Halvar Flake
Graph-Based Binary Analysis

Attacking Networked Embedded Systems

Greg Hoglund
Exploiting Parsing Vulnerabilities

The Pit- Full Release

Last Stage of Delirium
Java and Java Virtual Machine Security Vulnerabilities and Their Exploitation Techniques

Larry Leibrock, Ph.D
Forensics Tools and Processes for Windows XP Platforms®

Tim Mullen
Neutralizing Nimda: Automated Strikeback

Saumil Shah
Top Ten Web Hacks

Track 2 - Black Hat Asia 2002

Jay Beale
Attacking and Securing UNIX FTP Servers

Jay Beale
Phase II - 2nd Generation Honeynet Technologies

Shaun Clowes
Fixing/Making Holes in Binaries

Elfutils Tool

Riley "Caezar" Eller
Aggressive Security Revisited

Jeremiah Grossman
Identifying Web Servers

Dan Kaminsky
Black Ops of TCP/IP

Paketto Keiretsu 1.0 tool

David Litchfield
Database Security

Haroon Meer & Jaco van Graan

Black Hat USA 2002

Black Hat USA 2002

Miss out on the Black Hat USA 2002 show?
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Track/Speaker/Topic Presentation Notes/Tools
Keynote Presentations - Black Hat USA 2002

Richard Clarke, Office of Cyberspace Security
National Strategy for Securing Cyberspace

Luncheon Speakers - Black Hat USA 2002
Richard George, NSA
Views On the Future Direction of Information Assurance

Jeff Jonas
Non-Obvious Relationship Awareness (NORA) Technology

Application Security - Black Hat USA 2002

Dave Aitel
An Introduction to SPIKE

Shaun Clowes
Fixing/Making Holes in Binaries

Elfutils Tool

Injectso Tool

JD Glaser
JD's Toolbox: Fire & Water

Greg Hoglund
Application Testing Through Fault Injection Techniques

Rain Forest Puppy
Novell: The Forgotten OS

Marc Schönefeld
Security Aspects in Java Bytecode Engineering

Intrusion Detection / Incident Response / Forensics - Black Hat USA 2002

Thomas Akin
Cisco Router Forensics

Matthew Caldwell
Security Event Correlation

Oliver Friedrichs & Elias Levy
Building a Global Early Warning Sytems for Internet Attacks

The Honeynet Project
Phase II - 2nd Generation Honeynet Technologies

Tim Mullen
Neutralizing Nimda: Automated Strikeback

Debra Littlejohn Shinder
Scene of the Cybercrime

Deep Knowledge - Black Hat USA 2002

Maximiliano Caceres
Syscall Proxying

Mark Dowd, Nishad Herath, Neel Mehta, Chris Spencer & Halvar Flake
Professional Source Code Auditing

Halvar Flake
Graph-Based Binary Analysis

Rich Murphey
Locking Down Your FreeBSD Install

Rick Smith
The Biometrics Dilemma

Roelof Temmingh & Haroon Meer

Privacy & Anonymity - Black Hat USA 2002

Roger Dingledine
Why is Anonymity So Hard?

Mark Eckenwiler
The USA Patriot Act and Criminal Investigations

Ian Goldberg
Off the Record Messaging

David Goldman & Robert Marotta
Securing Your Computing Environment to Conform to Privacy Regulations

Len Sassaman
Forensic Dead-Ends

Mixmaster Tool

Nilsimsa Tool

Routing & Infrastructure - Black Hat USA 2002

Ofir Arkin
Cracking VoIP Architecture

Sean Convery
Hacking Layer 2

Stephen Dugan
Putting 2 and 2 Together

Nicolas Fischbach & Sébastien Lacoste-Séris
IP Backbone Security

FX & kim0
Attacking Networked Embedded Systems

Paul Knight
Dynamic Routing Inside IPsec VPNs

Web, Mail, DNS & Others - Black Hat USA 2002

Jay Beale
Attacking and Securing UNIX FTP Servers

Scott Blake
The Politics of Vulnerabilities

David Endler & Michael Sutton
Web Application Brute Forcing 101

Dennis Groves & Bill Pennington
Web Application Security

Paul Holman
Enterprise Email Security Made Practical

David Litchfield
Database Security

Wireless - Black Hat USA 2002

Robert Baird & Mike Lynn
Advanced 802.11b Attack

Bruce Potter

Mike Schiffman
The Need for an 802.11b Toolkit

Dan Veeneman
Wireless Overview: Protocols & Threat Models

Dan Veeneman
Vulnerabilities of Cellular and Satellite-based Voice and Data Networks

Panels - Black Hat USA 2002

Hacker Court
Carole Fennelly, Rebecca Bace, Richard Thieme, Jennifer Granick, Jonathan Klein, Brian Martin, Don Cavender, Jesse Kornblum, Kevin Manson, Simple Nomad, Jack Holleran & Richard P. Salgado

Vulnerability Disclosure: What the Feds Think
Michael I. Morgenstern, Richard George, Marcus H. Sachs, O. Sami Saydjari, Steve Lipner, Tom Parker

Black Hat Windows 2002

Black Hat Windows Security 2002

Track/Speaker/Topic Presentation Tools
Keynote Presentation - Black Hat Windows Security 2002

Jennifer S. Granick, Attorney At Law
Digital Rights Management Legal Briefing

PowerPoint: Jennifer S Granick Black Hat Windows 2002

Tony Sager, National Security Agency
Windows Security Configuration Guide

Powerpoint: Tony Sager Black Hat Windows 2003

General - Black Hat Windows Security 2002

David Goldman & Todd Feinman & Joe Nocera
The Deep Technical Audit: How to Mitigate the Risks Presented in Other Sessions

PowerPoint: David Goldman & Todd Feinman & Joe Nocera Black Hat Windows 2002

Jesper Johansson
Mobile Computing Security

Powerpoint: Jesper Johansson Black Hat Windows 2002 presentation

Eric Schultze
How to Stay Up-To-Date On Security Patches

PowerPoint: Eric Schultze Black Hat Windows 2002

Roelof Temmingh & Haroon Meer
Bi-directional Communications in a Heavily Protected Environment

PowerPoint: Roelof Temmingh & Haroon Meer Black Hat Windows 2002

Network - Black Hat Windows Security 2002

Ofir Arkin
VoIP: The Next Generation of Phreaking

PowerPoint: Ofir Arkin Black Hat Windows 2002

Stephen Dugan
Protecting Your Cisco Infrastructure Against the Latest "Attacktecs"

PowerPoint: Stephen Dugan Black Hat Windows 2002

Routing and Tunneling Protocol Attacks

PowerPoint: FX Black Hat Windows 2002

Jonathan Wilkins

PowerPoint: Jonathan Wilkins Black Hat Windows 2002

MS Apps - Black Hat Windows Security 2002

Jay Beale & Andrew Hintz
Attacking and Defending DNS

PowerPoint: Jay Beale & Andrew Hintz Black Hat Windows 2002

Tony Harris & Murugiah Souppaya
NIST Recommendations for System Administrators for Securing Windows 2000 Professional

PowerPoint: Tony Harris & Murugiah Souppaya Black Hat Windows 2002

Laura A. Robinson
The Devil Inside: Planning Security in Active Directory Design

PowerPoint: Laura A. Robinson Black Hat Windows 2002

Thomas Shinder & Jim Harrison
Deploying and Securing Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server

Powerpoint: Thomas Shinder & Jim Harrison Black Hat Windows 2002

Tools of the Trade - Black Hat Windows Security 2002

Erik Pace Birkholz
How to Fix a Broken Window

PowerPoint: Erik Pace Birkholz Black Hat Windows 2002

Jeremiah Grossman
Web Application Security and Release of "WhiteHat Arsenal"

Powerpoint: Jeremiah Grossman Black Hat Windows 2002 Tools: Jeremiah Grossman Black Hat Windows 2002

Cracking NTLMv2 Authentication

PowerPoint: Urity Black Hat Windows 2002

Database - Black Hat Windows Security 2002

Chip Andrews
MS SQL Server Security Mysteries Explained

Powerpoint: Chip Andrews Black Hat Windows 2002

JD Glaser
One-Way SQL Hacking: Futility of Firewalls in Web Hacking

JD Glaser Black Hat Windows 2002

David Litchfield & Sherief Hammad
Oracle Vulnerabilities

Powerpoint: David Litchfield & Sherief Hammad Black Hat Windows 2002

Timothy Mullen
Web Vulnerability and SQL Injection Countermeasures: Securing Your Servers From the Most Insidious of Attacks

PowerPoint: Timothy Mullen Black Hat Windows 2002

Deep Knowledge - Black Hat Windows Security 2002

Harlan Carvey
NT/2K Incident Response and Mining for Hidden Data: Post Mortem of a Windows Box

Powerpoint: Harlan Carvey Black Hat Windows 2002

Halvar Flake
Third Generation Exploits on NT/Win2k Platforms

Powerpoint: Halvar Flake Black Hat Windows 2002

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