Alejandro Hernández

Alejandro Hernández


Alejandro Hernández is a senior security consultant with 11 years of experience in different topics such as penetration testing, risk analysis, physical security, code review and social engineering. On the other hand, he's a big enthusiast of programming, exploit development and reverse engineering under Linux. In the past, he has found security and functionality bugs in products of companies such as Cisco, TrendMicro, Blue Coat, as well as software such as Snort, GDB and Acunetix WVS. Years ago, he found a certain fascination in Fuzzing and the theory behind it.

In 2010, he and his friend wrote DotDotPwn, a Directory Traversal fuzzer (presented at Black Hat USA 2011 Arsenal), and this time, he will be presenting an ELF file format fuzzer.

In the last five years, he has been working for a variety of Fortune 500 companies in different countries such as United Kingdom, South Korea, USA, and Mexico. Currently, if he's not working on-site, he's working remotely from his hometown in Chiapas in the south of Mexico. He has been a speaker in different conferences such as Black Hat USA 2011 Arsenal, BugCON Security Conferences (México) and BarCamp Security (Colombia).