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Black Hat Europe 2024 Call For Training
Call for Trainings Opens: March 4, 2024
Call for Trainings Closes: April 5, 2024

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Black Hat USA 2024 Call For Training
Call for Trainings Opens: November 1, 2023
Call for Trainings Closes: December 1, 2023

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Black Hat Asia 2024 Call For Training
Call for Trainings Opens: July 24, 2023
Call for Trainings Closes: August 25, 2023

The deadline has passed. Call for papers is now closed. If you have an account or submitted a proposal, you can still sign in.

What Are The Black Hat Trainings?

The Black Hat Trainings offer attendees individual technical courses on topics ranging from the latest in penetration testing to exploiting web applications and even defending and building SCADA systems. Often designed exclusively for Black Hat, these hands-on attack and defense courses are taught by industry and subject matter experts from all over the world with the goal of defining and defending tomorrow's information security landscape.

If you're interested in teaching at the world's leading Information Security event, please submit your course within the submission windows listed above to be considered.

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Submission Process

To have your course considered for inclusion in the Black Hat Trainings curriculum, you must use our official portal. Submissions received via any alternative method will not be considered.

The submission form will require the following information:
  1. Trainer(s) contact information & bio
  2. Course Name
  3. Maximum # of students the Trainer can accommodate
  4. Category/Type of Training
  5. Full abstract describing the course, any pre-requisites, special requirements, etc.
  6. Description of any course materials, equipment, etc.

Gathering this information in advance is recommended, prior to beginning the submission process. However, it is possible to save partially-completed submissions and return to them at your convenience.

Trainings Review Board & Course Selection

The Black Hat Review Board is comprised of the industry's most credible and distinguished security practitioners throughout various areas of the information security community. The Trainings Review Board advises Black Hat on its strategic direction, reviewing and programming Trainings content and providing unparalleled insight into the research community. You can find more information on the Training Review Board here.

Detailed Information for Trainers

The following information applies only to Trainers selected to participate in a Black Hat Event:

Instructor Obligations

  • Submit updated W-9 (US nationals) or W-8BEN and Wire Form (foreign nationals)
  • Notify Black Hat immediately if you cannot attend and use your best efforts to find a suitable replacement for instruction.
  • Provide course material to Black Hat no later than date specified within the Training Agreement for the creation of course workbooks and/or DVDs.
    • Note: Instructor will assume full responsibility and costs associated with printing/shipping course material should instructor fail to turn in course materials by date(s) specified within the Training Agreement.
  • Collect student tickets that serve as student accountability to your course.
  • Distribute Black Hat certificates of completion to students at the end of the course.
  • Feedback and/or suggestions regarding course outcome, venue and hosts (where applicable).
  • Distribute and collect Black Hat Training feedback forms from students.
  • Uphold the Black Hat Code of Conduct during Training.

Course Material

  • Instructor retains ownership and copyright of all course material, and hereby gives Black Hat permission to reproduce such work for the creation of student materials including notes, workbooks, CDs/DVDs, etc.
    • Instructor may opt to reproduce and distribute his/her own course material for Black Hat Training events.
  • Instructor grants Black Hat the right to use your name, company name, video, photograph, and voice as it relates to the distribution of course material to students, the promotion of your course, and the promotion of the event.
  • Instructor warrants that all course material is original, accurate, does not violate the rights of any person or entity, and does not contain any unlawful materials or materials that are offensive or reflect negatively on Black Hat or its affiliates (determined at Black Hat's discretion).
  • Instructor warrants that course material is his/her own and will obtain all third-party permissions necessary for the use of such work at Black Hat Training events.

Black Hat Obligations & Rights

  • Drive course marketing and registration.
  • Choose venue location(s), such as hotels, and/or host site locations. All classrooms are equipped with a screen, projector and internet connection.
  • Provide instructor with the number of students enrolled in course session/s.
  • If needed, decrease the instructor course maximum based on room capacities at the venue.
    • Note: Classrooms and their sizes are contracted in advance of knowing instructor course maximum.
  • Support services including: registration, course material reproduction, equipment, etc.
  • Black Hat may cancel the event, change event dates, change instructor's participation dates and/or eliminate instructor's participation altogether. Black Hat may also cancel the instructor's course if it fails to meet the Black Hat financial minimum of 12 students.
    • Note: If Black Hat cancels the event or course, Black Hat shall not be liable for any payments due hereunder.
  • Provide feedback from students and evaluations from hosts (where applicable).
  • Payment of instructor fees and travel reimbursement will be issued net 60 days (U.S.A. event) and 45 days (regional event) from the end of the event.
    • Note: Payment is based on the number of paid students in our database, not the number of students on-site. Payment is negotiated directly with each individual Trainer.

Travel Information

  • Black Hat will provide travel and accommodations. Further details will be sent along with your acceptance notification.
    • Note: The instructor is encouraged to book his/her own flight and submit for reimbursement. Black Hat will ONLY reimburse for one round trip, coach airfare (not to exceed $1,000 for the U.S. event and $1,500 for international events).
  • Instructor will be responsible for all expenses and logistics related to travel and accommodations for additional Trainers/Assistants.
  • Instructor will provide original expense receipts to ensure proper and timely reimbursement (if applicable) prior to going on-site.
  • Black Hat does not reimburse for hotel incidentals, taxis, meals, car rentals, parking, tolls, etc.

Additional Event Information

Please visit for previous conference archives, information, and speeches. Updated announcements will be posted to newsgroups, security mailing lists, and the Black Hat website when available.

We reserve the right to change or modify our Terms, dates and/or content of this page at any time without prior notice.

Thank you for your time!
~ The Black Hat Team

Should you have any questions, please drop us a line at training at blackhat dot com.

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