Olivier Bilodeau

Olivier Bilodeau


Olivier Bilodeau is the head of Cybersecurity Research at GoSecure a consultancy firm specializing in cybersecurity services for the public and private sector. With more than 10 years of infosec experience, Olivier worked on Unix servers, managed enterprise networks, wrote open source network access control software and recently worked as a Malware Researcher at ESET. He likes to reverse engineer everything that crosses his path, participate in information security capture-the-flag competitions, hack open source code and brew beer. He has spoken at various conferences (Defcon, Botconf, VirusBulletin, Derbycon, …​), used to lecture on information security at ETS University in Montreal, drives the NorthSec Hacker Jeopardy and co-organizes the MontreHack capture-the-flag training initiative. His primary research interests include reverse-engineering tools, Linux and/or embedded malware and honeypots.

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