Dark Reading Presentations - november 3-4

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Thursday, November 3 - Career Track

Dark Reading’s Career Track at Black Hat Europe offers two sessions that provide insight on directions in the IT security profession. The track is designed to offer content that will help information security professionals to see how they stand among their peers, and how they can improve their career prospects.

The State of the IT Security Professional

Time: 12:55–13:20
Location: Business Hall, Theater A
What keeps security professionals awake at night? What are their plans for 2017, and what are their top challenges? These are some of the questions that will be answered in this panel discussion, which features newly-published data from the 2016 Black Hat Attendee Survey and the 2016 Dark Reading Strategic Security Survey. Dark Reading editors will join industry experts to discuss the attitudes and plans of IT security professionals, as well as some of the reasons why IT security initiatives fail. Attendees will get the latest insight on issues such as IT security budgets, staffing, and threat perceptions.

How to Take the Next Step In Your IT Security Career

Time: 16:15-16:40
Location: Business Hall, Theater B
The demand for IT security professionals has never been greater than it is today. How can today’s security pro take advantage of this unprecedented opportunity? In this panel, top security recruiters and hiring professionals will discuss the current hiring environment and the opportunities for security pros to improve their status, salaries, and prospects for new positions. The experts will discuss training and certification requirements, the demand for specific security skills, and methods to find a new job or move ahead in your current company.

Friday, November 4 - Threats and Vulnerabilities Track

Dark Reading’s Threats and Vulnerabilities Track at Black Hat Europe offers two sessions that provide a higher-level discussion of trends and methods of attack in today’s cybersecurity environment. These panel sessions bring together experts from multiple areas of expertise in order to help attendees put the latest threats and vulnerabilities into context.

Choosing the Right Approach For a Targeted Attack

Time: 10:15-10:40
Location: Business Hall, Theater A
At Black Hat Europe, attendees will hear from speakers who have discovered vulnerabilities in applications, hardware, networks, mobile, and IoT devices, just to name a few. But how does an attacker choose the right vector to use for a particular target? In this panel discussion, security researchers offer some insight on when to use some of the newest approaches to online attack, and when to stick with the tried and true.

Understanding Cybercrime

Time: 13:35-14:00
Location: Business Hall, Theater B
Cybercrime has become big business. Today’s attackers can hire out botnets, buy rootkits, and bring in specialists to write new malware – all for a price. In this fascinating panel session, experts discuss how an adversary can acquire the tools, services, and skills needed to attack your enterprise – and how you can use that knowledge to help improve your defenses.