George Argyros

George Argyros

Columbia University

George Argyros is a security researcher currently pursuing a PhD at Columbia university in NYC. His research revolves around the development of machine learning algorithms for analyzing complex software, debugging tools for machine learning models and making symbolic execution practical for interpreted languages. In the past, George worked in the area of location privacy, where he developed a number of new attacks for precisely pinpointing the location of users in popular social services such as Facebook Nearby Friends and Foursquare. Moreover, George worked in the area of applied cryptography where he developed a suite of tools for exploiting weak randomness vulnerabilities in web applications and uncovered a large number of vulnerabilities in popular software packages such as MediaWiki, Joomla and several others. Beyond research, George also worked as a security consultant in various organizations, where he was responsible for code auditing, cryptographic protocol auditing and penetration testing.

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