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Automotive Electrical Systems Hands-On

CanBusHack | August 1-2 & 3-4


  • Introduction to ECUs
    Introduction to Vehicle Networks
    Vehicle Sub-Systems Overview
    Hands-On: Build a CAN Bus
    CAN Bus Tools
    Connect to our CAN Bus
    Break/Fix our CAN Bus
    View Data
    Reverse Engineer Data
    Transmit on our CAN Bus
    Send Commands on our CAN Bus
    DoS the Bus
    Vehicle Immobilizer Systems
    X-By-Wire Systems
    Intro to V2X Infrastructure
    Diagnostic Protocol
    Security Access
    Device Control
    Sending Diagnostics Commands
    Handling Errors
    Device Control Redux
    Open Hack Controllers

Who Should Take this Course

Embedded security professionals
Automotive research professionals
Vehicle manufacturers
Vehicle electronic suppliers

Student Requirements


What Students Should Bring

PC Running Windows XP or newer.

What Students Will Be Provided With

Vehicle interface device


Robert Leale has been a regular trainer of automotive electronic security for over 4 years. He also consult with the automotive industry on securing electronic systems. As the founder of CanBusHack, he has been at the forefront of vehicle data reverse engineering for over five years.