Call for Papers

Important Dates

The Black Hat USA 2015 Call for Papers is now closed.

Call for Papers opens: February 10, 2015
Call for Papers closes: April 17, 2015
Notification to Authors: by end of May, 2015
Terms are subject to change.

Submit proposals by completing a submission form on the Call for Papers (CFP) server at All applicants must read and agree to the Call for Papers Submission Requirements prior to making a submission. All submissions must be received on or before April 17, 2015 at 23:59 PT.


The Black Hat Briefings were created more than 18 years ago to provide computer security professionals a place to learn the very latest in information security risks, research, and trends. Presented by the brightest in the industry, the Briefings cover everything from critical information infrastructure to widely used enterprise computer systems to the latest InfoSec research and development and everything in between. The Briefings are vendor-neutral, allowing the presenters to speak candidly about real problems and potential solutions across both the public and private sectors.


  1. Briefings: 25 and 50-minute presentations (traditional presentation format)
  2. Workshops: 100-minute sessions (hands-on labs and presentations)


  1. The original author(s) of a presentation must submit for the Call for Papers. Third parties such as PR firms or speaker representatives may not submit materials on behalf of a potential speaker or speaking team.
  2. Black Hat does not accept product or vendor-related pitches. If your presentation is a thinly veiled advertisement for a product or service your company is offering, please do not submit.
  3. Each submission must be completed in its entirety.
  4. Black Hat's selection process is competitive. Members of the Black Hat Review Board score each submission. Submissions should clearly detail the concepts, ideas, findings, and solutions a researcher or speaking team plans to present.
  5. Submissions that highlight new research, tools, vulnerabilities, etc. are highly recommended and will be given priority.
  6. Submissions that include White Papers will also be given priority.
  7. Speakers may submit more than one proposal but each proposal must be submitted via a separate submission form.
  8. Each submission must include detailed bibliographies acknowledging prior work in the space, distinguishing or highlighting how your presentation is different.
  9. Individuals submitting a proposal will receive a “Your submission for Black Hat USA 2015 has been received” email notification within 48-72 hours of receipt of the submission. After selections have been completed, all submitters will receive an email confirmation of acceptance or rejection.
  10. Speakers will be contacted directly if Review Board members have any questions about a submission. If your talk is accepted, you can continue to modify your submission up until June 19, 2015. Changes to your submission should be sent to
  11. If you have any questions regarding your submission, please email them to Black Hat requests that submitters (and members of a speaking team) do not contact Review Board members directly regarding a submission.


The Black Hat Review Board is comprised of 24 of the industry's most credible and distinguished security professionals and thought leaders throughout various areas of the information security community. The Review Board advises Black Hat on its strategic direction, reviewing, and programming conference content and providing unparalleled insight into the research community. You can find more information on the Review Board here:

Black Hat strives to deliver one of the most empirical content selection processes in the industry. All submissions are vetted thoroughly by the Black Hat Review Board. Each submission is reviewed for uniqueness, overall content expertise, and accuracy before any selections are made. Through the course of this dynamic review process, Black Hat Review Board members will frequently ask researchers for clarity on any areas of question in their submission(s) – whether it be about the uniqueness or audacity of claims made. The best submissions come with academic-grade papers, proof-of-concept code, and/or video demonstrations of the work done. Of note, Black Hat does not support pay-for-play Briefings. The Black Hat Briefings are, and always have been, independently selected based on quality of content and area of expertise rather than sponsorship.


Black Hat requires that submitted work has not been previously published elsewhere, or if it has, that Speakers have obtained permission for its publication by Black Hat and will promptly supply wording for crediting the original publication and copyright owner.

Speakers can assume that attendees already understand the basic concepts regarding your topic. For example, if you are talking about cryptography, assume that everyone knows the difference between public key vs. secret key algorithms. Black Hat is known as a technical security conference, and demands more detail from its Speakers.

Black Hat advises all Speakers to create session titles that describes the session's deliverable – what an attendee will learn by attending a session. Session titles that focus on content takeaways are consistently more powerful than "cute" or "gimmicky" titles.

Attendees expect to receive a copy of your presentation, a White Paper supporting your work, RFC's, and tools/code (if applicable). All presentation slides and white papers are due no later than Monday, July 20, 2015. Presentations and White Papers should reference the tool(s), law(s), website(s), or publication(s) mentioned. A bibliography will greatly help attendees who wish to learn more about your subject, but are not sure where to start.

If you are going to announce or demonstrate a new tool as the primary focus of your talk, that tool must be made available to conference attendees via the Black Hat website. All sources of information, software, etc. must be properly cited.

Black Hat is committed to helping Speakers become better presenters on the Black Hat stage. Black Hat may request any speaker (new to Black Hat or veteran Black Hat presenter) or an entire speaking team to participate in its Speaker Development Program. A Black Hat-initiated request to participate in this program may include a draft review of presentation slides by a Black Hat Review Board member or a request maybe made for a speaker (or Speaking Team) to participate in a presentation rehearsal with a Black Hat Speaker Liaison. A Speaker (or Speaking Team) may also opt-in to the Speaker Development Program and request a slide review and/or presentation rehearsal.

Attendees expect to see Speakers deliver professional, polished presentations. Black Hat strongly recommends that all Speakers rehearse their presentation multiple times in front of another person(s).

All Speakers and or Speaking Teams are strongly encouraged to end their session with a final presentation slide titled, "Black Hat Sound Bytes." Black Hat Sound Bytes detail the three key takeaways from a Speaker's presentation. Black Hat will collect the key takeaways from each session and create a summary document that will be distributed to all attendees following the conference.

Speakers should expect to participate in a Black Hat USA 2015 All Speaker Conference Call. The focus of the conference call will be to highlight the tips outlined in the Black Hat STARs (Speaking Tips and Recommendations) brochure and to clearly outline Black Hat's expectations about presentation preparedness and professionalism. The conference call should not last more than one hour.

Black Hat expects Speakers to be available throughout the event to meet and talk with attendees. Attendees want to meet the Speakers and ask questions. Please advise conference management of time constraints when submitting your materials.


By submitting via the Black Hat Call for Papers system, Speakers understand and agree to the Official Terms as detailed in this section and subsequent sections of this document.

  1. By speaking at a Black Hat conference, you grant Black Hat permission to record, reproduce, distribute, advertise, and show your presentation including but not limited to, conference proceedings and materials, audio, video, printed and/or electronic ads, fliers, mailers, etc.
  2. Researchers and research teams should be aware of the following guidelines regarding the number of researchers permitted to present on stage for each type of Briefing session. Speaking team members must be included in the CFP submission prior to the close of the CFP.
    1. 25-minute Briefing – 1 speaker per team
    2. 50-minute Briefing – 2 speakers per team
    3. 100-minute workshop – 3 speakers per team
  3. Full conference passes are given only to those who actively participate as Speakers on accepted presentations.
    1. Conference passes are non-transferable.
    2. Co-workers, PR representatives, press, spouses, friends etc. must register and pay the appropriate fees.
  4. The Black Hat Review Board will have access to all submitted applications and materials.
    1. Review Board and Speaker Liaison access to submissions is provisioned under NDA with Black Hat and UBM Tech.
    2. Reviews, Acceptances and/or Declines are conducted on a rolling basis.
    3. All correspondence and queries should be sent to
    4. Prospective Speakers should not directly contact any Black Hat Review Board member regarding the status of submission(s) or feedback.
  5. Black Hat will provide one projector, one screen, one wired Ethernet connection and one wired microphone (if applicable) for the on-site presentation.
    1. Speakers are responsible for providing all other necessary equipment, including laptops and machines for their presentation.
  6. If the presentation is deemed to be a work of plagiarism or a blatant vendor pitch, Black Hat may revoke the Speaker’s honorarium and the Speaker will not be considered for future speaking opportunities.
  7. Part of speaking at Black Hat requires an understanding that our Speakers represent the brand and the InfoSec community. All participants must work together to provide value to their fellow attendees, Speakers, and corporate sponsors, as well as volunteers and staff at the show. Please act accordingly.
  8. Black Hat reserves the right to change scheduled speaking times as necessary. While every effort will be made to honor assigned times, Speakers may be called upon to present at any time during the conference.
  9. Black Hat reserves the right to rescind an accepted submission without reason.


Briefings Speaker (25 minute) Criteria:
  • Open to both new Speakers and previous Black Hat speakers
  • Speaking honorarium of $500 USD for one speaker and;
  • One Briefings pass per Speaker(s)
Briefings Speaker (50 minute) Criteria:
  • Open to Speakers who have never presented at Black Hat
  • Speaking honorarium of $500 USD for one Speaker;
  • Coach-class round-trip airfare for one Speaker, cap of $1,300 USD;
  • One hotel room for three nights for one Speaker and;
  • One Briefings pass per Speaker(s)
Veteran Briefings Speaker (50 minute) Criteria:
  • Open to previous Black Hat Speakers (Trainer or Briefings Speaker) or specifically invited to speak by Black Hat
  • Speaking honorarium of $1,000 USD for one Speaker;
  • Coach-class round-trip airfare for one Speaker, cap of $1,300 USD;
  • One hotel room for three nights for one Speaker and;
  • One Briefings pass per Speaker(s)
Briefings Workshop Speaker (100+ minute) Criteria:
  • Open to Speakers who specifically applied to present a workshop
  • Speaking honorarium of $1,000 USD per hour for one Speaker;
  • Coach-class round-trip airfare for one Speaker, cap of $1,300 USD;
  • One hotel room for three nights for one Speaker and;
  • One Briefings pass per Speaker(s)
Sponsor Employed Speakers (50 minute) Criteria:
  • Open to both new Speakers and previous Black Hat speakers
  • The presentation must not be a vendor pitch
  • Speaker MUST use the Black Hat provided slide template
  • Employer logo on two slides: Introduction and Biography
  • Employer's name will be used only in relation to work, demo, or tool and NOT used as a vendor pitch or product sale
  • If the Employer or Speaker do not agree and fail to meet the above or it is deemed that the talk is a vendor pitch, then the Speaker waives the right to any compensation for travel, accommodations, or honorarium
  • Speaking honorarium for one Speaker ($500 USD for new Speakers, or $1,000 USD for returning Black Hat Speakers)
  • Coach-class round-trip airfare for one Speaker, cap of $1,300 USD;
  • One hotel room for three nights for one Speaker






NOTE: If you have questions about the legal implications of your security research or presentation, consider contacting Electronic Frontier Foundation, a non-profit legal service organization, for a pro bono initial consultation by emailing


Please visit for previous conference archives, information, and speeches. Updated announcements about Black Hat USA 2015 will be posted to newsgroups, security mailing lists, and the Black Hat website when available.

We reserve the right to change or modify our Terms, dates and/or content of this page at any time without prior notice.

Thank you for your time!

The Black Hat Team