Vehicle CAN Bus Communications and Diagnostics Reverse Engineering

CanBusHack, Inc. | August 4-5

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Today’s vehicles have multiple control modules that are linked via various types of networks. These networks have become pervasive and remain somewhat of an unknown in millions of vehicles on the road today.

This course would:

• Give basic information of the types of networks found in modern vehicles
• Answer what these networks are intended to do
• Answer how these networks are configured
• Answer what types of control systems are found in vehicles
• Answer how these controllers function
• Answer how the network aids the controllers
• Answer how the networks are used
• Show how controller can be commanded
• Show what types of security may be securing critical functions of the vehicle
• Show how to setup a network on a bench
• Show how to send and receive data packets with a simulated network
• Discuss some of the possible exploits common to these networking systems
• Discuss some of the counter measures put in place by automotive OEMs
• And much more

Who Should Take This Course

This course is intended for anyone in the Security Research field as well as anyone hoping to interact at some level with the vehicle’s network.

Student Requirements

No previous knowledge of vehicle networks will be required.

What Students Should Bring

A PC running Windows XP, 7 or 8 (or Mac running Windows 7 or 8).

What Students Will Be Provided With

For the Class, students will be provided with all hardware tools needed to communicate on a CAN Bus which is connected to an Embedded Controller.


Robert Leale

K.C. Johnson