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Black Hat USA Training 2009

Caesars Palace Las Vegas • July 25-28

A Certificate of Completion is offered for each class.

Course Offerings by Category


These training topics apply to understanding and hacking the physical world. Included are classes on embedded devices, physical security, RFID, and biometrics .

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Attacking Hardware: Unsecuring [once] Secure Devices by Christopher Tarnovsky

An exciting and very extensive class detailing the microscopic details of silicon devices.

Hands-On Hardware Hacking and Reverse Engineering Techniques: Black Hat Edition
by Joe Grand

This course is the first of its kind and focuses entirely on hardware hacking.

Incident Response: Black Hat Edition by Kevin Mandia and Kris Harms, MANDIANT

Specifically designed for information security professionals and analysts who respond to computer security incidents.

Lock Picking and Physical Security: From Beginner to Expert by Deviant Ollam

Those who attend this session will leave with a full awareness of how to best protect buildings and grounds from unauthorized access.

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RFID, Access Control & Biometric Systems by Zac Franken & Adam Laurie

This workshop is geared towards security professionals whose duties and responsibilities include guiding security decisions for whole departments or even entire companies.

Side Channel Analysis and Countermeasures by Riscure

Learn how to protect embedded and smart card technology against side channel analysis

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