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Black Hat USA Training 2009

Caesars Palace Las Vegas • July 25-28

A Certificate of Completion is offered for each class.

Course Offerings by Category

Malware Analysis

These courses help attendees gain experience in determining whether a piece of code is malicious and how it can impact an infrastructure. Focusing on both static and dynamic techniques; trainees will expand their knowledge by using, sandboxing, binary analysis, code de-obfuscation, and low -level programming.

Advanced Malware Analysis by Nick Harbour, Mandiant 4 Day Course

Students will learn to combat sophisticated malware head-on by studying its anti-analysis techniques

Advanced Malware Deobfuscation by Jason Geffner & Scott Lambert

Learn how to manually unpack the most advanced obfuscation protections.

Building a Better Mouse Trap:
The Art of Developing Effective Intrusion Detection/Prevention Signatures

by Rohit Dhamankar & Rob King

Learn how to implement effective network intrusion prevention.

Introduction to Malware Analysis by Jason Geffner & Scott Lambert

No Source? No Symbols? No Problem.

Malware Analysis: Crash Course by MANDIANT

This introductory course is for those interested in entering the field of malicious software analysis.

Reverse Engineering with IDA Pro by Chris Eagle

Essential background material for effective reverse engineering.

Reverse Engineering Rootkits and Active Reversing by Greg Hoglund, HBGary and Rich Cummings, HBGary

This two day class will cover useful techniques and methods for incident response in the field when machines are suspected of intrusion with stealthy malware.

Reverse Engineering on Windows by Pedram Amini and Ero Carrera

This class is meant to impart cutting-edge understanding of malicious code analysis upon attendees, ultimately taking them to an advanced level of reverse engineering skills applicable to other security domains.

Understanding Stealth Malware by Joanna Rutkowska and Alexander Tereshkin
July 25-26 only

An in-depth understanding of how advanced stealth malware works, how it interacts with the operating system, underlying hardware and network.

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