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Black Hat USA Training 2009

Caesars Palace Las Vegas • July 25-28

A Certificate of Completion is offered for each class.

Course Offerings by Category


The world of the virtual OS has become a fact of life in the modern infrastructure. However, this new field brings with it new attack vectors that need to be recognized and guarded against. These classes will give you the tool-set to better plan the deployment in order to optimize security.

header graphic Virtualization (In)Security by Rafal Wojtczuk & Joanna Rutkowska July 27-28 only

An unbiased view on the security of recent Xen systems (Xen 3.3 and 3.2), show exemplary attacks and a study of how various technology (e.g. Intel VT-d and TXT) and clever design of the VMM can help to improve security.

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