Black Hat USA 2009 //Training

Caesars Palace Las Vegas, NV • July 25-30

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Application Security and Development »

From design and development to maintenance and testing this series of classes are centered-around secure development throughout an application’s life-cycle.

Auditing and Assessment »

These classes will focus on the area of testing a network’s security; this will include topics such as pen testing, compliance, internal process review and strategies on keeping attackers out.

Certification »

Training classes for industry recognized security certifications.

Cryptography »

Encompassing the evolving world of Cryptography and cryptanalysis; these classes will cover a wide range of topics including but not limited to: Symmetric-key, Public-key and Cryptographic primitives.

Forensics »

Training that centers around discovery and recovery of data stored in digital mediums. This could include memory, hard drives, external media, mobile devices and beyond.

Hardware »

These training topics apply to understanding and hacking the physical world. Included are classes on embedded devices, physical security, RFID, and biometrics .

Malware Analysis »

These courses help attendees gain experience in determining whether a piece of code is malicious and how it can impact an infrastructure. Focusing on both static and dynamic techniques; trainees will expand their knowledge by using, sandboxing, binary analysis, code de-obfuscation, and low -level programming.

Managerial »

These classes are intended to provide management security professionals and executives tools needed to effectively design and implement a secure infrastructure.

Network »

Are you in the trenches, working with the nuts and bolts of an infrastructure? These courses are meant to give you an understanding of what’s happing across the wire from layers 2 – 4 of the OSI model.

Reverse Engineering »

These courses centers on the art and science of Reverse Engineering. The topics include reversing Windows and Linux binaries, IDA Pro techniques, low-level coding, and various de-bugger strategies.

System Administration »

These classes attempt to cover different aspects of the wide-ranging duties concerning system administration. Attendees can hope to gain practical insight into the real-world duties: of installation, configuration, maintenance and securing of mission critical devices and services.

Virtualization »

The world of the virtual OS has become a fact of life in the modern infrastructure. However, this new field brings with it new attack vectors that need to be recognized and guarded against. These classes will give you the tool-set to better plan the deployment in order to optimize security.

Vulnerability and Exploit Development »

How do you know when a bug can end-up getting you “owned?” These courses look at vulnerability discovery in applications as well as how reliable exploits are constructed.