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Black Hat USA 2009 Weekend Training Session

July 25-26

Black Hat USA 2009 Weekday Training Session

July 27-28

Attacking Hardware: Unsecuring [once] Secure Devices

Christopher Tarnovsky


Almost every device made today is claimed to have some kind of security internally.  Over the course of this class, students will learn some of the possible methods to unlock devices that were ‘once’ secure.  Detailed overview and analysis of several different devices will be gone over and students will personally unsecure their own devices provided in the class using on-site microprobe workstations using knowledge learned during the class.

This will be an exciting and very extensive class detailing the microscopic details of silicon devices.  Students should have an understanding of embedded microcontrollers and/or hardware.

Potential device targets for class analysis (still being determined):

  • Atmel AVR MCU 500 nanometer (e.g. AT90S1200-8515 era)
  • Atmel AVR MCU 350 nanometer (e.g. ATMEGA128-256 era)
  • Microchip PIC series MCU
  • Texas Instruments MSP430F series MCU

What you will get:

  • DVD containing blown-up mosaics of the targeted devices in various stages of teardown.
  • Decapsulated (opened) samples of the targets to take back with you
  • Large scale prints of targeted devices as seen from top-metal.

Lab equipment for use during class:

  • Microprobing workstation
  • Optical  microscope
  • UV eraser (nail polish masks)
  • Ultrasonic bath

Class objectives:

Students will team up to microprobe their samples in order to apply the tricks learned in the class against their own samples.  There will be a unique secret inside each students sample that is verifiable to the students and class.


Chris Tarnovsky

is the founder and owner of Flylogic Engineerling LLC which specializes in analysis of semiconductors from a security "how strong is it really" standpoint. We offer detailed reports on substrate attacks which define if a problem exists. If a problem is identified, we explain in a detailed report all aspects of how the attack was done, level of complexity and so on. This is something we believe is unique and allows the customer to then go back to the chip vendor armed with the knowledge to make them make it better (or possibly use a different part).

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