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Black Hat USA Training 2009

Caesars Palace Las Vegas • July 25-28

A Certificate of Completion is offered for each class.

Course Offerings by Category

Vulnerability and Exploit Development

How do you know when a bug can end-up getting you “owned?” These courses look at vulnerability discovery in applications as well as how reliable exploits are constructed.

The Exploit Laboratory by Saumil Udayan Shah

Learn how to expose the inner mechanisms of exploits and how they work. The class is highly hands-on and very lab intensive.

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Gray Hat Hacking: Exploit and Metasploit Module Development by Allen Harper

Working through lab examples and real world vulnerabilities to take you to the next level

Malware Analysis: Crash Course by MANDIANT

This introductory course is for those interested in entering the field of malicious software analysis.

Introduction to Malware Analysis by Jason Geffner & Scott Lambert

No Source? No Symbols? No Problem.

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Mastering the Metasploit Framework by HD Moore, Metasploit

This course dives into the newest features of the Metasploit Framework and demonstrates how to use these features in every aspect of a penetration test.

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Tactical Exploitation by HD Moore

Using a combination of new tools and lesser-known techniques, attendees will learn how hackers compromise systems without depending on standard exploits.

Understanding Stealth Malware by Joanna Rutkowska and Alexander Tereshkin
July 25-26 only

An in-depth understanding of how advanced stealth malware works, how it interacts with the operating system, underlying hardware and network.

header graphic Virtualization (In)Security by Rafal Wojtczuk & Joanna Rutkowska July 27-28 only

An unbiased view on the security of recent Xen systems (Xen 3.3 and 3.2), show exemplary attacks and a study of how various technology (e.g. Intel VT-d and TXT) and clever design of the VMM can help to improve security.

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Advanced Windows Exploitation Techniques by Offensive Security 4 Day Course

An in depth, hardcore drilldown into advanced Windows Vulnerability Exploitation techniques.

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