Black Hat Executive Summit is where top-level executives gain exclusive insights for protecting their enterprises as well as the inspiration needed to drive positive change across the security landscape.

Executives will enjoy a blend of strategic case studies, panel conversations, and inspirational keynotes from the world’s top security experts. Presented in an intimate, resort setting, the Black Hat Executive Summit is designed to promote an exchange of ideas and foster collaboration among peers facing the same Information Security challenges. The ultimate goal is to develop a set of industry-wide recommendations for improving the state of cybersecurity.

This highly focused and exclusive event will distill the essential information needed by key decision makers into a concise, actionable format. Executives will learn how to make informed security investment decisions and gain a competitive advantage through a better awareness of potential cybersecurity threats.

Please note: The Black Hat Executive Summit is a standalone event designed to provide executives with an intimate environment for collaborative conversation in order to drive positive change in cybersecurity. This is in addition to the Black Hat CISO Summit – intended to give CISOs and direct reports more practical insight into the latest security technologies and techniques.