Chilik Tamir

Chilik Tamir


Chilik Tamir is an experienced security researcher, trainer, and speaker targeting the mobile market (Andriod,iOS). Chilik has given hands-on training for security experts at Black Hat USA 2014, Black Hat USA 2013, AT&T, Intel, HP, Cisco, Amdocs, Verint, RedBand, Pure Hacking, Hackticks -E&Y, AXA Spain and others. He has also spoken at HITB Amsterdam, OWASP Israel, and DEFCon972. Chilik is the creator of open-source iNalyzer framework for penetration testing iPhone applications, as well as other open-source security tools that he has released (AppUse for android, Belch plugin for burp proxy, Ngrep mod for Java Serialized manipulation). He was Chief Scientist at AppSec-Labs, responsible for innovating and leading security development and research of tools, exploits, and vulnerabilities in web applications. Currently, Chilik is the Chief Architect of Research and Development at MI3 Security.

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