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Methods and Strategies for Online Attack

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When it comes to attack vectors, today's attackers have a wide range of choices. From network/infrastructure exploits to application vulnerabilities to mobile devices and embedded systems, there are many methods for approaching a target enterprise but which will work best? In this panel session, leading experts in the various attack vectors will join to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of choosing a particular vector and how attackers find the one that is most effective for a specific target. You'll get a look at some of the latest thinking about network exploits, mobile exploits, and infrastructure attacks, all provided in a way that helps you select the most effective methods for your penetration tests.

Thingbots: The Future of Botnets in the Internet of Things

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The age of the Internet of Things is upon us. With potentially billions of these devices connecting to the Internet in the coming years, targeting these devices have become more attractive. One threat that has started to emerge are botnets consisting of thingbotsbots running on IoT devices. Thingbots are currently used mainly for spamming and DDoS attacks, but more sophisticated purposes unique to the nature of the devices being exploited will likely emerge. This talk starts with a discussion of the current state of thingbots, then shows how they could evolve and become a more significant threat in the near future.

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Black Hat Arsenal

Returning bigger than ever, Black Hat is pleased to once again present Arsenal--a Tool/Demo area where independent researchers and the open source community will showcase some awesome weapons.

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Thursday, March 31, 1730 – 1900
Come enjoy food and beverage while you network with your peers, learn about the latest security solutions, and make new business contacts.

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