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Open Source Intelligence With Maltego

Paterva | August 4-5 & August 6-7


Maltego is a common household name in the infosec community, but using it to its full potential can be a daunting task. This course will teach analysts how to use the tool to its fullest potential from different graphing methods, getting your data in to exploring the 100s of transforms that allow you to query OSINT information in the blink of an eye.

Prepare yourself to be amazed by what information is out there and how through some simple usage information can be correlated on 2nd, 3rd and more orders to provide valuable insight into the data!

The course will take you from the basics of mining information to challenges that you will need to solve by finding, correlating and graphing information by using the full toolspace of Maltego. Not only will we be exploring open sources of information but also how to visualise and derive intelligence from your own fixed structured data (think CSV/XLSX/etc).

This is a 2-day hands-on course packed with practical exercises using real world data, giving participants real world experience with the tool whilst being trained by the very people that developed the tool.

Who Should Take this Course

  • This course offers skill-sets that apply to almost anyone interested in gathering information and gaining intelligence. Specifically, people in the following industries will benefit greatly:
  • Blue Teams
  • Threat Intelligence
  • Open source intelligence
  • IT security
  • Law enforcement or intelligence

Student Requirements

Basic knowledge of OSINT and networking. Understanding how Internet services work is an advantage.

What Students Should Bring

Bring your own laptop and EXTERNAL mouse!

What Students Will Be Provided With

  • Course material to be provided electronically.
  • Commercial Maltego license to use during the course and for about 2 weeks afterwards
  • Copy of our training slides


Andrew Macpherson is the operations manager at Paterva. With a degree in Information Science and an uncanny knowledge of cat memes he successfully 0day'd at Paterva in 2007. With a decade of graphing, arguing and tea making he has proved to be a valuable asset at the company. Aside from Maltego'ing everything that looks like a nail he also has a keen interest in hardware and security.