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Hacking by Numbers: Unplugged

SensePost | July 27-28



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SensePost's Hacking by Numbers Unplugged is an entry-level wireless security-training course. It is done in the same style as our other HBN courses; highly practical with a focus on learning how things work, not just the tricks. The course starts off with some practically focused fundamentals. This includes wireless fundamentals such as antenna selection and radio radiation patterns, network fundamentals such as TCP/IP and wireless protocols. This section is kept intentionally short, with the rest of the fundamentals explained as part of a scenario based course.

Three scenarios are used; the first is how to approach hacking a residential wireless network. Here technologies such as WEP are discussed. The second scenario is how to attack corporate networks, where WPA/2 technologies and attacks are discussed. The final scenario is an open coffee shop network where monitoring and interception attacks are discussed.

By the end of the course, a student should have a much better understanding of wireless networks, and their security failings, and how to exploit these.

Some of the Topics Include


It should not be your first hacking course, but can be taken back-to-back with Bootcamp or with Combat, depending on your existing level of experience. Although prior participation in an HBN course is not a prerequisite, significant exposure to hacking training, tools and techniques is highly recommended.

Why We Love This Course

Because Wi-Fi is everywhere, used for all sorts of juicy stuff and with the advance of cloud services, owning Wi-Fi == owning life. It’s easy to pwn when shown how.

What We'll Provide

SensePost will provide fully configured laptops for use during training. Each student will also receive a course handbook and a USB drive with all the tools, scripts and materials used on the course.

What Students Should Bring

None, laptops will be supplied containing all tools and images required to complete this course.


All of SensePost’s Hacking By Numbers trainers are working penetration testers or developers. What we perform for our clients often makes it into our HBN courses as modules. We love teaching and have been doing so for Blackhat for over a decade now. Our courses are hands on, fun to do and also show real-world scenarios that students will encounter.