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Hacking by Numbers: Bootcamp

SensePost | July 27-28 & 29-30



Ends May 31



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Reality, Theory and Practice! This course is the "How did they do that?" of modern hacking attacks. From start to finish, we will lead you through the full compromise of a company's IT systems, explaining the tools and technologies, but especially the thinking, strategies and the methodologies for every step along the way. "Hacking By Numbers – Bootcamp Edition" will give you a complete and practical window into the methods and thinking of hackers.

Some of the Topics Include

Most importantly you will be introduced to the mindset and methodology of a hacker. Learning the tricks, the trade and which tools to use in different situations. HBN courses focus on the hacker mindset and teach students were to look and how to approach problems while weaponizing them in the process.

Why We Love This Course

This course follows on from our highly popular Cadet Edition and is an introduction into real-world Internet hacking. Students often refer to it as the ‘dime drop’ moment when they actually exploit something they’ve read about previously. It’s a progression of skills towards being a great penetration tester and we love being involved as students grow.


No hacking experience is required for this course, but a solid technical grounding is an absolute must. Students should know how to get around Windows and *nix system, will be expected to use command line utilities and should have a basic understanding of networking and Internet technologies. No advanced skills are required, but students without a good, practical knowledge of these areas will fall behind in this fast-paced class. Students without the requisite technical skills are encouraged to consider 'Cadet Edition'. Basic programming or scripting, networking and Internet technologies, 'nix and Windows operating systems knowledge would give students an advantage but is not necessary.

What We'll Provide

SensePost will provide fully configured laptops for use during training. Each student will also receive a course handbook and a USB drive with all the tools, scripts and materials used on the course.

What Students Should Bring

None, laptops will be supplied containing all tools and images required to complete this course.


All of SensePost’s Hacking By Numbers trainers are working penetration testers or developers. This gives us a unique perspective and allows us to bring hacks from the real world to the classroom. What we perform for our clients often makes it into our HBN courses as modules, keeping them fresh and relevant. We love teaching and have been doing so for Black Hat for over a decade now. Our courses are hands on, fun to do and also show real-world scenarios that students will encounter.