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SensePost's Hacking by Numbers Unplugged is an entry-level wireless security-training course. It is done in the same style as our other HBN courses; highly practical with a focus on learning how things work, not just the tricks.


The course starts off with some practically focused fundamentals. This includes wireless fundamentals such as antenna selection and radio radiation patterns, network fundamentals such as TCP/IP and wireless protocols. This section is kept intentionally short, with the rest of the fundamentals explained as part of a scenario based course.

Three scenarios are used, the first is how to approach hacking a residential wireless network. Here technologies such as WEP are discussed. The second scenario is how to attack corporate networks, where WPA/2 technologies and attacks are discussed. The final scenario is an open coffee shop network where monitoring and interception attacks are discussed.

By the end of the course, a student should have a much better understanding of wireless networks, and their security failings, and how to exploit these.


Introduction Thinking Like an Attacker Wireless Network Overview Residential Scenario Corporate Scenario Coffee Shop

Who should attend

Information security officers, system and network administrators, security consultants, government agencies and other nice people will all benefit from the valuable insights provided by this class, as will penetration testers, red team members and analysts wishing to obtain practical wifi hacking skills.

What to bring

Just Yourself. All necessary equipment will be provided, including pre-configured laptops, tools and utilities.

To Take Home

Students will be provided a purpose built removable wifi card and bootable tools CD to take home with them after the course...

Course Trainers

SensePost is an independent and objective organisation specialising in information security consulting, training, security assessment services and IT Vulnerability Management. SensePost is about security. Specifically - information security. Even more specifically - measuring information security. We've made it our mission to develop a set of competencies and services that deliver our customers with insight into the security posture of their information and information systems.

Dominic White is currently an Associate at SensePost. Dominic is an experience trainer having trained at 4 other BlackHat conferences, and numerous other trainings. He is also one of the creators of the Unplugged course. Like all SensePost trainers, Dominic spends his time consulting to clients, so you can be sure real world experience will be included. He can be found as @singe on twitter.

Gert Burger is a Senior Developer at SensePost and is responsible for the software that drives SensePost's Vulnerability Management Services. His approach to IT is more pragmatic compared to most with an academic background. He specialises in Linux (Development, Operations) and software development using Python but also has an interest in most things related to networks, distributed systems and scaling.