Hacking by Numbers:
Combat Training

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July 21-24


Combat Edition is our premier hacker training course. From the first hour, to the final minutes students are placed in different offensive scenarios as they race the clock to breach systems. Using experienced gained from thousands of assessments over the years, we have created dozens of real-life lab exercises whose solutions lie much more in the technique and an out-of-box thought process than in the use of scripts or tools. Each exercise is designed to teach a specific lesson and will be discussed in detail after they are completed; however there are no lab sheets or lectures as this course is non-stop hacking. In this way you learn from talented SensePost instructors, your colleagues and your own successes and failures.


SensePost will provide fully configured laptop computers as well as CDs with all the tools and materials used in the course. Students need to ensure they have the necessary level of skill. Combat is a course for experienced pentesters and technical analysts. A solid understanding and technical experience of hacking tools, skills and techniques is an absolute prerequisite.

Students without the requisite technical skills are encouraged to consider 'Bootcamp Edition'.


Combat follows on from HBN BlackOps Edition. Prior participation in HBN courses is not a perquisite, but significant practical experience in infrastructure and application hacking tools and techniques is.

Who Should Attend

Combat Edition is recommended for professional penetration testers only and those with two or more years experience at performing security assessments.

Free additional tools workshop

After the first day of the course SensePost offers a free additional workshop on using their suite of hacking tools, including Wikto, Aura, Suru, Crowbar, BidiBLAH and others, copies of which will be distributed to all students. The tools workshop is open to all attendees of any SensePost course and run in the evening after training. Precise times and locations will be announced during the training courses.

Course Length

Two days. All course materials, lunch and two coffee breaks will be provided. A Certificate of Completion will be offered.

What to bring

Just Yourself. All necessary equipment will be provided, including pre-configured laptops, tools and utilities

Course Trainers

SensePost is an independent and objective organisation specialising in information security consulting, training, security assessment services and IT Vulnerability Management. SensePost is about security. Specifically - information security. Even more specifically - measuring information security. We've made it our mission to develop a set of competencies and services that deliver our customers with insight into the security posture of their information and information systems.

Ian de Villiers is a Security Analyst for SensePost. Coming from a development background, his areas of expertise are in application and web application assessments.