Social Engineering for Penetration Testers

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There are dozens of classes designed to help people in the career of penetration testing, but there has not been any course that focuses on teaching you the skills, mindset and tools needed to be a social engineering penetration tester... until NOW

The skill set needed to be a professional social engineer blends a person's mental skills of influence, persuasion and psychological tactics with technical skills such as lock picking, mastering elicitation and pretexting. The Social Engineering Penetration Testers course is a week-long immersion into the world of a professional social engineer.

This course is designed to be more than a series of lectures: it's an intensely interactive class where you will practice the skills needed to be a professional social engineer. Each day is filled with information-packed discussion, multiple hands-on exercises, live demonstrations, and a hands-on homework assignment each night.

After the multi-day course, you will have the skills and tools needed to prepare for the official Social Engineering Pentest Professional exam (S.E.P.P.)

The certification is a multiple day, hands-on exam (scheduled within 60 days of completing the course) with true-to-life practical tests that will prove you have accomplished the skills needed to earn your S.E.P.P. credentials. The course was designed and written by Christopher Hadnagy with contributions by Robin Dreeke.

Course Syllabus

Day 1: Our first day provides you with what you need first: understanding of self. The lessons focus on teaching you to recognize your dominant communication style, to identify what type of a thinker you are, and to analyze your strengths and weaknesses.

Day 2: On day two, our goal is learning the techniques of a professional social engineer, and discussing the most important goal of any social engineer – gathering information.

Day 3: Our third day – the training gets tougher and our skill sets ascend to the next level. We cover topics such as elicitation, difference between influence and manipulation, and pretexting.

Day 4: On day four, we delve into the psychological principles that make up a social engineer along with an in depth study of nonverbal body language, and the ways a social engineer can read and use this very valuable information.

Our final day continues with understanding nonverbal communication –specifically how nonverbals can be used to manipulate others. has created a unique field of research called Neuro Linguistic Hacking. We discuss how to apply the techniques we've learned over the previous four days to plan out the perfect attack vector, and how to implement that vector in the real world. After the course you can schedule your practical exam. If you succeed in passing, you will earn a certification that shows you have acquired the skills needed to be labeled a Social Engineering Pentest Professional (S.E.P.P)

Who Should Take This Class

Every pentester or Security pro who wants to enhance SE skills and any person who wants to learn to communicate better

Student Requirements, experience/expertise

Equipment/Software Requirements

Students must furnish Laptop running VMWare Fusion or VMWare for Windows - current BackTrack VM or one will be provided.

Professional Biography

Chris Hadnagy, aka loganWHD, has been involved with computers and technology for over 14 years. Presently his focus is on the "human" aspect of technology such as social engineering and physical security. Chris has spent time in providing training in many topics around the globe and also has had many articles published in local, national and international magazines and journals.

Chris is a student of Paul Ekman's training classes on Microexpressions and has spent time learning and educating others on the values of nonverbal communications. He has combined what he learned with years of experience in a new research he has called Neuro Linguistic Hacking(NLH) that combines nonverbal communications as well as the principles of the controversial study on NLP to influence other people's emotions.

He is also the lead developer of Social-Engineer.Org as well as a the author of the best-selling book, Social Engineering: The Art of Human Hacking.

He has launched a line of professional social engineering training and pen testing services at Social-Engineer.Com. His goal is to help companies remain secure by educating them on the methods the "bad guys" use. Analyzing, studying, dissecting then performing the very same attacks used by malicious hackers on some of the most recent attacks (i.e. Sony, HB Gary, LockHeed Martin, etc), Chris is able to help companies stay educated and secure.

Chris runs one of the web's most successful security podcasts, The Social-Engineer.Org Podcast which spends time each monthly analyzing someone who has to use influence and persuasion in their daily lives. By dissecting what they do, we can learn how we can enhance our abilities. That same analysis runs over to the equally popular SEORG Newsletter. After two years, both of these have become a staple in most serious security practices and are used by Fortune 500 companies around the world to educate their staff. Chris can be found online at, and twitter as @humanhacker.

Robin Dreeke is a certified practitioner in the use of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®), Emotional Intelligence (EQ-I 2.0), and the Personal Discernment Instrument (PDI). Robin is an expert trainer, project manager, author, and group facilitator with a substantial background in leadership, adult learning and facilitation, both within the US Government and with private sector organizations.

Robin is a 1992 graduate of the United States Naval Academy and former U. S. Marine Corps Officer. For the past 15 years, Robin has been in the FBI, currently serving as the head of the elite Behavioral Analysis Program of the FBI's Counterintelligence Division.

Robin has studied interpersonal relations and behavior for the past 23 years. Through his professional roles and his passionate interest in this field, he has developed his own unique interpersonal techniques and tools. Synthesizing his expertise in Myers-Briggs, Emotional Intelligence and other areas, Robin has developed his own highly effective techniques for improving performance in the field of interpersonal communication. His most recent book "It's Not All about 'Me': The Top Ten Techniques for Building Quick Rapport With Anyone" is a pocket manual for teaching you to break through walls and tear down the blockers people put up in order to build strong, unbreakable bonds.

Robin is the lead instructor at the FBI's Counterintelligence Training Center in all behavioral and interpersonal skills training. He is also an adjunct instructor for the FBI's National Academy in the area of publishing, interviewing, and public speaking. He is the co-developer and lead trainer in social engineering soft skills for Additionally, Robin routinely conducts workshops and seminars for government, military, and private-sector organizations across the country.