Silvio Cesare

Silvio Cesare is a PhD student at Deakin University. His research is supported by a full scholarship under a Deakin University Postgraduate Research Award. His research interests include malware detection and automated vulnerability discovery using static analysis of executable binaries. He has previously spoken at industry conferences including Blackhat, Cansecwest, Ruxcon, and has published in academic journals such as IEEE Transactions on Computers. He is also author of the book Software Similarity and Classification, published by Springer. He has worked in industry within Australia, France and the United States. This work includes time as the scanner architect of Qualys – now the world's largest vulnerability assessment company. In 2008 he was awarded $5000 USD tied 3rd prize for the highest impact vulnerability reported to security intelligence company IDefense for an implementation specific IDS evasion bug in the widely deployed Snort software. He has a Bachelor of Information Technology and a Master of Informatics by research from CQUniversity where he was awarded with two academic prizes during his undergraduate degree, and a University Postgraduate Research Award full scholarship during his Masters degree

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