Sergey Shekyan


Sergey Shekyan is a Senior Software Engineer for Qualys, where he is focused on development of the company's on demand web application scanning service. With more than 10 years of experience in software design, development, testing and documentation, Sergey has contributed key product enhancements and software modules to various companies. Prior to Qualys, he designed and implemented a web-based system for general aviation pilots. As a senior software engineer for Navis, he contributed to projects involving development of container terminal operating systems (TOS) simulation software. He also designed and developed data analysis software modules for Virage Logic, a provider of semiconductor IP for the design of complex integrated circuits. Prior to working at Virage Logic, he developed manufacturing test program generation software for Credence Systems Corporation. Sergey holds both Masters and BS Degrees in Computer Engineering from the State Engineering University of Armenia.

Twitter: @sshekyan

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