Ken Johnson


Ken Johnson works on the Security Science team within the Microsoft's Security Engineering Center (MSEC), where he primarily focuses on researching, developing, and implementing exploitation mitigation techniques. Ken's prior contributions to the field have included the development of an Address Space Layout (ASLR) implementation for Windows earlier than Vista. He is known for a number of prior articles on security-related, Windows internals, debugging, and reverse engineering topics (often contributed to the Uninformed Journal). Prior to joining Microsoft, Ken developed a number of advanced debugging tools for Windows on his own time, including the first accelerated kernel debugger transport for Windows VMware VMs (VMKD), and a debugger extension capable of importing data from IDA into WinDbg (SDbgExt). He has continued this tradition in recent times, contributing Hyper-V VM debugging support and self-consistent physical machine memory snapshot support to the Sysinternals LiveKd debugging tool.

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