Jonathan Zdziarski


Jonathan is Sr. Forensic Scientist for viaForensics, a Chicago-based consulting firm where, among other things, he performs research and development, and penetration testing of iOS applications for corporate clients. Jonathan gets paid, in part, to hack things for a living.

Jonathan Zdziarski is better known as the hacker ""NerveGas"" in the iPhone development community. His work in cracking the iPhone helped lead the effort to port the first open source applications, and his first iOS-related book, iPhone Open Application Development, taught developers how to write applications for the popular device long before Apple introduced its own SDK. Jonathan has since written several books on iOS, including iPhone Forensics, iPhone SDK Application Development, and his latest book, Hacking and Securing iOS Applications.

Jonathan frequently trains and consults law enforcement agencies to assist forensic examiners in high profile criminal cases.

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