Chris Valasek


Chris Valasek is a Senior Security Researcher at Coverity. As part of the security research team in the Office of the CTO, Valasek is focused on reverse engineering and researching new and existing security vulnerabilities; building this knowledge into the Coverity technology portfolio and share it broadly across the development community. Prior to Coverity, Valasek was a Senior Research Scientist at Accuvant LABS and IBM Internet Security Systems. Valasek's research focus spans areas such as vulnerability discovery, exploitation techniques, and reverse engineering, contributing public disclosures and authoring research on these topics to the broader security community. While Valasek is best known for his publications regarding the Microsoft Windows Heap, his research has broken new ground in areas such as vulnerability discovery, exploitation techniques, reverse engineering, source code and binary auditing, and protocol analysis. Valasek has presented his research at major international security conferences including Black Hat USA and Europe, ekoparty, INFILTRATE, and RSA, and is the chairman of SummerCon, the nation's oldest hacker convention.

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