Nathan Evans

Nathan Evans

Symantec Research Lab

Nathan Evans joined the SRL CARD research group based in Herndon, Virginia in September of 2011. He received his doctoral degree from the Technical University of Munich in 2011, a Master of Science degree in Computer Science from the University of Denver, a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Baldwin-Wallace College and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice also from Baldwin-Wallace College.

Dr. Evans' research interests cover a wide range of topics including peer-to-peer networking, low-level systems software, parallel/distributed systems design and testing, and security. His most recent work focuses on areas of network security and systems design, including research on network topology discovery in modern enterprise networks, and I/O redirection for software security and performance testing.

Prior to joining Symantec, Dr. Evans was a member of the Free Secure Network Systems Group, as a primary developer of GNUnet (GNU's Framework for Secure Peer-to-Peer Networking), where he focused on the creation of a secure and reliable DHT algorithm for open P2P overlay networks. He was also a co-creator of the DUP System, a language system designed for parallel and distributed stream programming utilizing pipes and TCP/IP streams.

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