Offensive Countermeasures: Defensive Tactics that Actually Work

PaulDotCom Mar 12-13


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One of the big questions we get is why Offensive Countermeasures are so important. Well, to be honest, you will need it someday. The current threat landscape is shifting. We need to develop new strategies to defend ourselves. Even more importantly, we need to better understand who is attacking us and why. Some of the things we talk about you may implement immediately, others may take you a while to implement. Either way, consider what we discuss as a collection of tools at your disposal when you need them to annoy attackers, attribute who is attacking you and, finally, attack the attackers.

More to the point, the old strategies of security have failed us and will continue to fail us unless we start becoming more offensive in our defensive tactics.

What we will cover

There will be lecture followed by a hands-on lab for each of the major sections of the class. There are 7 labs per day for the class.

Who Should Attend

Security Professionals and Systems Administrators who are tired of playing catch-up with attackers.

Student Requirements

Basic OS understanding of Windows and Linux and a basic understanding of TCP/IP.

What to Bring

What Students Get

Class slides and a DVD with the necessary tools and the OCM VM, which is a fully functional Linux system with the tools of OCM installed and ready to go for the class and in their work environment.


Mike Perez is currently a Security Analyst at a Financial Company in Boston and is the Executive Producer for the award winning "PaulDotCom Security Weekly" podcast that brings listeners the latest in security news, vulnerabilities, research and interviews with the security industry's finest.