Real World Security: Attack, Defend, Repel

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Finally! This is the course on Information Security you've been searching for! "Real World Security: Attack, Defend, & Repel" is a complete 2 day simulation that will not only test your existing skills, but provide you with a real life scenario where you can learn valuable new skills. Whether you work in incident response, active detection and defense, security evaluations, or penetration testing; this course will give you that incredibly rare opportunity to put it all to the test, and learn BOTH sides of the house. Team Fortress 2 meets hacker training.

"Real World Security: Attack, Defend, & Repel" attempts to challenge and motivate information security professionals to hone the knowledge and skills they already have, and also to learn "the other side", as well. The class will be split into two halves, attackers and defenders. On the second day, those two teams will trade sides, allowing every student the opportunity to learn both sides and work with all instructors.

The scenarios and exercises are instructor chosen and lead, and will escalate in tiers of difficulty as the course progresses. What may begin as a simple defense will evolve into something more complicated, based on the scenario. This exercise will contain elements of the following:

As is true in the real world, you'll be forced to do your "job" under the restrictions of your company "Boss". Your boss will assign you a specific goal that you need to achieve by the end of the 4th scenario. You'll gather more information about the target, and your own company, as you move through each scenario. In some cases, you may be lucky enough to find new tools to add to your arsenal as you work through each scenario.

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Russ Rogers (CISSP) is a recognized name in the security industry, having over 18 years experience in information security, and well over 25 years experience in information technology. He has been published in a dozen different books on information security, been interviewed for CNN as a subject matter expert, and published in multiple other publications (print and media). Mr. Rogers background includes experience at the National Security Agency, Defense Information Systems Agency, US Air Force, Department of Energy, Department of Interior, and other Federal and Department of Defense Agencies. Russ has been a featured speaker and trainer around the country, and in countries around the world, including Singapore, Japan, the Netherlands, and Brazil. Mr. Rogers has his Master's Degree through the University of Maryland, and is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP). Russ is currently the Professor of Network Security for the University of Advancing Technology (, in Tempe, AZ.

Greg Miles (Ph.D., CISSP, CISA) is an experienced security consultant with over 24 years of information technology and security experience. He is a United States Air Force Veteran and has served in military and contract support for the National Security Agency, Defense Information Systems Agency, Air Force Space Command, and National Aeronautical and Space Administration supporting world-wide security efforts. Greg has planned and managed Computer Incident Response Teams (CIRT), Computer Forensics and INFOSEC training capabilities. He has worked with security for Industrial Control Systems and SCADA system. Greg has been published in multiple periodicals to include "The Security Journal" and "The International Journal on Cyber Crime". He has co-authored four (4) books and has been a technical speaker on an international basis. Greg is a network security instructor for the University of Advancing Technology (UAT) and a student thesis/dissertation advisor for UAT and Colorado Technical University

Paul Criscuolo (CISSP) has been involved in the Computer Security Industry for over 15 years, with the rare distinction of having export experience in both the defensive and offensive aspects of INFOSEC. He was involved with the Computer Incident Advisory Capability (CIAC) working incidents for the Department of Energy (DOE). Paul was the Incident Response and Intrusion Detection Team lead at Los Alamos National Laboratory, writing a number of intrusion detection tools that have resulted in technologies licenses from the DOE, and created technology startups with those licenses. He has also consulted with Fortune 500 companies, assisting in incident response and recovery. Paul has presented at a number of conferences, written papers, and instructed training seminars about network security and incident response. Paul is a published author, and has been interviewed as a security subject matter expert for CNN

Mark Carey (CISSP) has been involved with the Computer Security Industry for over twenty years. He has pioneered techniques and written a number of exploits. Mark has presented on Information Security topics for The United States Army, The United States Air Force, NASA, and several Corporations in the United States and UK; including Sun Microsystems. He has worked for several major Midwestern banks, insurance companies, and credit unions, as well as a brief engagement writing video games. Mark is currently employed as a technology and technique developer and penetration tester for a Federal agency, and as a freelance consultant upon occasion. Mark is also a published author, and is a well known hacker/programmer within the industry with specific expertise in reverse engineering and exploit development.