Shane MacDougall

Tactical Intelligence

Shane MacDougall is a two-time winner of the Defcon Social Engineering Capture The Flag, and has placed in the top three of the attack portion in every year of the contest's existence. He is a principal partner in Tactical Intelligence, a boutique InfoSec consulting firm in Canada that specializes in social engineering, corporate information gathering, and red team attacks. Mr. MacDougall started in the computer security field in 1989 as a penetration tester with KPMG, and worked on the attack side of the field until 2002, when he joined ID Analytics, the world's largest anti-identity theft detection company as the head of information security. In 2011 he left the firm to start his own company. Mr. MacDougall has presented at several security conferences, including BlackHat EU, BSides Las Vegas, DerbyCon, LASCON, and ToorCon. He is currently doing research in the areas of integrating near-realtime OSINT into IDS/SIEM, as well as the generation of a realtime pre-text generator.

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