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Arsenal Resources

Welcome to the Black Hat Arsenal Resource page. We have provided information to help make your tool presentation at Black Hat successful.

If you have any questions or need to reach us, please send us a note at blackhatarsenal@ubm.com; for technical questions, please contact the ToolsWatch team at: hacker@toolswatch.org.

Black Hat Arsenal


Feel free to check out the tools and photos from past Arsenal events and read the ToolsWatch blog to give you an idea of what to expect.

Make sure to double check your session date and time on the Black Hat website.


Things to bring:
Please bring your own laptop with you to conduct your tool demo and a converter/adapter if you are international. Your Arsenal station will be equipped with a monitor w/ an HDMI connector, power, hardwire & wireless internet access, two stools and a sign with your tool name. Your WiFi Credentials will be provided prior to your arrival on-site.

Any branded swag (stickers, t-shirts, etc.) needs to be specific to your tool name. No company branded merchandise is allowed and all signage will be provided by Black Hat. Please do not bring any signs, tablecloths, pop up booths, or banners.

While participating in Arsenal, your presentations and demos must be limited to the specific open source tool/product you submitted. Any other product pitches, upsells or promotions are strictly prohibited. If Black Hat or any of the Arsenal organizers determine (at their sole discretion) that you are breaking this rule, you and your product will be removed and your presentation cancelled.


ToolsWatch and Black Hat require that all Arsenal presenters have at least three (3) pages of tool documentation in English. The documentation should be available in your website, GitHub, wiki, etc. It can include but is not limited to the following information:

Description: Features; license; changelog updated

Installation: Requirements; supported platforms/languages

Usage: Parameters; usage examples

You may also bring printed materials for attendees.


Please visit the "Travel" tab on the Black Hat website for hotel information. All travel and stay expenses are the responsibility of the Arsenal presenter.

*VISA Requirements: Please note that you may be required to obtain a visa to enter the country. You can find information and instructions here: gov.uk.

We strongly recommend that you check the requirements as early as possible in order to determine whether you will need to obtain a visa and to give yourself ample time if you need to submit an application. If you need a Letter of Invitation in order to complete your visa application, you may request that here: blackhatregistration@ubm.com.


Social Media

Twitter: Black Hat's primary social media outlet is Twitter @BlackHatEvents. When talking about your presentation use handle @BlackHatEvents and always feel free to retweet our tweets as well!

Twitter: @toolswatch
Facebook: facebook.com/blackhat
Facebook: facebook.com/toolswatch

ToolsWatch BADGES

Include ToolsWatch badges within your tools GitHub/Wiki/webpages: github.com/toolswatch/badges


Do I receive a Black Hat badge?
In exchange for presenting, you receive one (1) complimentary Briefings pass which allows access to the Briefings, Keynote, Business Hall, Sponsored Sessions, Briefings lunch, and Arsenal.

Am I able to bring a co-presenter?
While you may bring a co-presenter, please note that only (1) complimentary Briefings pass is allocated per (1) tool. Co-presenters will not receive a free pass and will be required to register and pay for a Business Hall or Briefings pass if they plan to accompany you. If you already have a Black Hat USA Briefings pass, feel free to give your code to a co-presenter, friend, or colleague.

*Main presenters and co-presenters are responsible for all travel and hotel expenses

I need a visa for travel, how do I obtain a Letter of Invitation?
If you need a Letter of Invitation in order to complete your visa application, you may request one here: blackhatregistration@ubm.com.

How is Arsenal different from Briefings and other presentations?
Arsenal is unique in that the demos occur in an open, conversational environment where presenters are able to interact with attendees to provide a hands-on experience.

How long are the demos?
You will have roughly 1 hour and 50 minutes to demo your tool.

Who is able to attend Arsenal?
Anyone with a paid Black Hat badge is granted access (this includes Business Hall and Briefings attendees).

Attendees requested my slides, what should I do with my materials after presenting at Arsenal?
You will be able to upload your materials after your demos; Black Hat will provide a link and necessary information. Please note the required file naming format: eu-17-LastName-tool.extension.

Arsenal Review Board