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Abilities Inc - Metasploit Basics

egypt & mubix
July 30-31


Egypt and Mubix have combined their knowledge of the innards of the Metasploit Framework and Adversarial Red Teaming practices to introduce on attacking your networks. Covering everything from getting Metasploit up and running and exploiting your first targets to gaining persistence and owning a whole networking without breaking a sweat.

Course Syllabus:

Day 1:
  • Concepts and Tools
  • Attacker Decision Making
  • Getting Metasploit Installed and Setup
  • Internals of Metasploit
  • Enumeration of Targets
  • Exploiting the LAN

Day 2:
  • Exploiting Windows Hosts
  • Exploiting Linux Hosts
  • Exploiting Web Servers
  • Post Exploitation

Who Should Take this Course

IT Admins, CERT analysts, Forensicators, CEO/CSO/CFOs

Student Requirements

  • Basic understanding of Metasploit
  • TCP/IP basics
  • Network configuration in Windows and Linux / OSX

What Students Should Bring

  • Laptop running Linux or OSX (With 20 GB minimum free space)
  • Virtualization software capable of running VMDKs
  • A fresh Kali Linux VM, and a Windows 7 VM
  • Latest version of Burp Suite - (Free or Pro)
  • A text editor you are comfortable writing code in (instructors recommend Sublime Text 2 or Vim)
  • Metasploitable2 VM downloaded and functional: http://sourceforge.net/projects/metasploitable/files/Metasploitable2/

Setup instructions will be sent to the student prior to the class.

What Students Will Be Provided With

Course Materials and access to the Metasploit Basics wiki


Egypt (James Lee) is a software developer for Rapid7 where he is a core developer for the Metasploit Framework. Before devoting all his time to Metasploit, he was a Cybersecurity researcher for Idaho National Laboratory where he discovered numerous vulnerabilities in SCADA and Industrial Control Systems. Egypt has presented at DefCon, BSidesLV, Black Hat, Derbycon and other venues. Note that Egypt is not Egypt. The two can be distinguished easily by their relative beards - Egypt has millions, while Egypt only has the one.

Mubix (Rob Fuller) is a Senior Red Teamer. His professional experience starts from his time on active duty as United States Marine. He has worked with devices and software that run gambit in the security realm. He has a few certifications, but the titles that he holds above the rest is FATHER, HUSBAND and United States Marine.