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Black Hat Europe 2012 //call for workshops

Grand Krasnapolsky Hotel
mar 14 - 16

Black Hat Workshops

In our experience Security professionals are always looking for the latest tools and resources to perform their jobs effectively and efficiently. This year at Black Hat Europe 2012, will be hosting security workshops to provide delegates a deeper understanding with regards to a specific subject. Do you have a great tool or app that you have been dying to bring to the attention of the Black Hat community? Is your Ruby, or Python, or Pearl developer toolbox full of scripts and techniques that can be of advantage to fellow pentesters? Or if you just want to give delegates a teaser on a course you will be instructing (now or in the future)?

This year Black Hat, is pleased to offer workshop sessions primarily aimed at independent researchers and the open source community that will allow you to showcase your work.

The concept is simple:

  • We will be providing either 2 or 3 hours timeslots in a session room that will run concurrently with regular Briefings presentations.
  • The sessions will be open to all Briefings delegates to attend – we do not intend to host the workshops “by registration only”.
  • Allocated session spaces for workshops will be limited so apply early.

What we Hope to Achieve: Greater awareness and access to terrific work for the security world at large. These should be deep technical sessions that can give delegates a chance to delve deeply into your tech and hopefully take away practical applications to the information presented.

What this is not: An overblown vendor pitch or a place for your soapbox.

What the delegates want: Other than your knowledge in a basket, a takeaway – a copy of your tools, a small sample of the course slides…we can help you get these materials to the masses!

If you are interested in participating, please submit proposals by completing the submissions form on the CFP server at