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Black Hat Europe 2012 //Briefings call for papers

Grand Krasnapolsky Hotel
mar 14 - 16


Submit proposals by completing the submissions form on the CFP server at We strongly suggest that you submit earlier than later since we will close the CFP early if we receive enough quality submissions to fill the slots. All applicants should take the time to closely review the Call for Papers Terms and Conditions PRIOR to making the submission so that you are clear on our expectations and deadlines.


The Black Hat Briefings was created to fill the need for computer security professionals to better understand the security risks to information infrastructures and computer systems. Black Hat accomplishes this by assembling a group of vendor-neutral security professionals and having them speak candidly about the problems businesses and Governments face as well as potential solutions to those problems. No gimmicks - just straight talk by people who make it their business to know the information security space.


Black Hat does not accept product or vendor related pitches. If your talk is a thinly-veiled advertisement for a new product or service your company is offering, please do not apply.


  • All presentations must be submitted by the original authors.
    • We currently only accept submissions by original authors of the presentations. PR firms, Speaking relation firms, and all other parties who are not direct authors of submitted presentations ARE NOT ALLOWED to submit materials on behalf of speakers or presenters. We require direct contact with presenters to expedite questions from the reviewers and to fulfill Speaker Obligations as detailed on the Call for Papers Terms and Conditions. You MAY NOT submit presentations if you are a third party that wishes to submit materials on behalf of a potential speaker. Only original authors of presentations may submit for the Call for Papers.
  • Decide which conference you would be able to present at.
    • Speakers who are chosen to speak at one are not automatically chosen to speak at another. Selecting the event that you are speaking at will determine if you will meet the deadlines for the event. You are currently on the Black Hat Europe 2012 CFP page.
  • Decide key subjects/topics your presentation will cover and if it is appropriate for this venue
    • Briefings: Traditional presentation format
      • This year we will not be asking for submissions to fill pre-determined tracks. We will populate the event with best submissions received.
      • We always try to give extra attention to submissions that highlight new research, tools, vulnerabilities, etc. The more technical the content, the better.
    • This is the second year we will be in the UAE. Preference will be given to new content not presented at any previous / other conferences, newly released tools, demos, etc. The more interactive the better.
  • Understand the different time constraints.
    • The following time slots are available and it is expected that the presenters will budget time for audience participation and Q&A within this time frame:
      • Briefings: 75 minutes
  • Submit a presentation.
    • Please submit all prospective proposals by completing the submissions form on the CFP server at Speakers may submit more than one proposal but each proposal must be submitted via separate submissions. Create an account at, verify your email address, and away you go. You MAY NOT submit presentations if you are a third party that wishes to submit materials on behalf of a potential speaker. Only original authors of presentations may submit for the Call for Papers. Submissions are due no later than January 15, 2012.
  • Submit supporting material.
    • Please submit any additional materials after completing the online submission form. Additional materials may include but not be limited to items such as white papers, code, demos, proof of concept, references, resume, etc that may enable us to help decide whether your topic would be appropriate. To upload materials, select "ACTIONS" for the appropriate presentation. Materials may also be sent along to: cfp at if you experience problems with, send email to cfp [at] and we will work to resolve the problem.


Submissions that are complete with White Papers will receive feedback from Review Board members.

Submissions that are NOT complete with White Papers are not guaranteed to receive feedback on submissions. It is our prerogrative to give potential presenters who go the extra mile to provide us with fully complete submissions to receive feedback from our Review Board members.

If you have questions regarding your submission, please email them to We ask that all persons who submit to the Call for Papers DO NOT contact Review Board members individually regarding your submission.


  • Presentations will be reviewed through a voting process by the Black Hat Review Board. Submissions get rated on a one to five scale by each of the reviewers in four areas, and the resulting scores are added up. Those submissions in each category with the highest scores are considered first. In the case of topic overlap a lesser scoring submission may be selected to keep variety in the program. As the complexity and specialization of submissions grow more reviewers are added to the process.
  • Submissions that include White Papers will be given first priority and consideration for review.
  • People submitting a talk proposal will get email notification that Black Hat has received the proposal generally within 48-72 hours of receipt of the submission. Once selection has been completed you will receive in email a confirmation of acceptance or rejection.
  • Speakers will be contacted if there are any questions about their presentations. If your talk is accepted, you can continue to modify and evolve it up until the materials due date, at which time it is frozen for the printed materials and CD ROM.

All presentations must be vendor neutral (no sales pitches for services or products are permitted). Presentations which demonstrate proprietary tool(s) must provide a copy of the tool(s) for distribution on the Black Hat CD and web site. All sources of information, software, etc should be properly cited.

Things that get our attention:

Talks that are more technical or reveal new vulnerabilities are of more interest than a review of material covered many times before. We are striving to create a high-end technical conference and any talk that helps reach this goal will be given extra attention.

Original content or research that has been created specifically for Black Hat and has not been seen before always gets extra priority as well as demonstrations involving new material, or a new way of presenting information to the attendees.

Submissions with detailed bibliographies acknowledging prior work in the space, distinguishing or highlighting how your presentation is different. We believe this is important to help move the security community to a more professional and respected position, as well as make all of our work easier to reference for those seeking to understand prior art.

Note: By speaking at the Black Hat Briefings you are granting Black Hat permission to reproduce, distribute, advertise and show your presentation including but not limited to, printed and/or electronic ads, fliers, mailers, etc.


To meet the goals outlined above, Black Hat expects several things from selected speakers. Full details may be found on the CFP Terms and Conditions page.

  • If you are going to announce or demonstrate a new tool as the primary focus of your talk, that tool must be made available for the conference CD ROM. We don't want a room full of people all excited about what you have demonstrated only to learn the tool is $12,000 and not available to the general public.
  • Delegates expect to receive copies of your presentation, a White Paper supporting your work, RFC's and tools/code (if applicable). In your presentation or White Paper please include a reference to all of the tool(s), law(s), web site(s) or publication(s) you refer to. This bibliography will greatly help attendees who wish to learn more about your subject, but are not sure where to start. Please do not disappoint them and be mindful of the deadlines as specified in the CFP Terms and Conditions as well as the CFP Letter of Acceptance.
  • Black Hat expects speakers to be available during the lunches and reception in order to meet and mingle with the attendees. Attendees want to meet the presenters and ask questions, so if you cannot do so, for example because of a business commitment, please let us know when you submit your materials.
  • * Assume that the attendees already understand the basic concepts regarding your topic. For example, if you are talking about cryptography, assume that everyone knows the difference between public key vs. secret key algorithms. Black Hat strives to be known as a more technical security conference, and as such, expect more high-level details from their speakers. If you must err in one direction or the other, err on the side of more technical.


There are several categories of speakers based on the type of presentation delivered. Please review the Call for Papers Terms and Conditions to see what Category presenter you are.


The Black Hat Europe 2012 Briefings will take place March 14 - 16 at the Grand Krasnapolsky Hotel. Please see the Black Hat Europe 2012 Briefings pages for more information on hotel, venue, schedules, etc (coming soon).


Please visit for previous conference archives, information, and speeches. Updated announcements will be posted to newsgroups, security mailing lists, and the Black Hat web site when available.

Thank you for your time!