Joe Cummins

Joe Cummins

Red Tiger Labs

Joe Cummins has been active in the information security and infrastructure protection communities for over eight years. As a recognized leader in cybersecurity and industrial automation control systems (IACS) security, he has built a career on innovating the core processes and technologies that enable safe, secure, and resilient networks of our modern society.

As the founder and principal consultant for Red Tiger Security (www.redtigersecurity.ca), Joe has been performing risk management activities, cyber incident response and forensics, as well as leading innovation and development within industrial control systems security across the globe. From training, consultation, or research and development, he has been a contributor to the development of services and products that effectively raise the standard of cybersecurity within essential systems.

Drawing from his background in both public and private security sectors, jumpstarted by his service in the Canadian Forces, he now directs a number of security and intelligence projects designed to maintain the cybersecurity of core Canadian infrastructure sectors.

With the initial successes of Red Tiger, he has expanded his current role in several projects to include unmanned systems integration (www.zaribasecurity.com), big data management for robotics (www.focalrecon.com), as well as advising on projects that combine cybersecurity, innovative technologies, and cutting edge applications for national security.

Joe continues to be an advocate for IACS and SCADA security with routine presentations at various Canadian cyber conferences, both at home and abroad. Likewise, he is a regular guest lecturer for several Carleton classes in both master's and bachelor's programs, and served as a judge at the Canadian Engineering Competition 2013, as well as a regular contributor to ISA and SCADASEC communities.

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