Bino Gopal

Bino Gopal


Bino Gopal is a Technologist, Evangelist and Futurist at heart. He is a Lead Sales Engineer at NetScaler/Citrix Systems where his job to evangelize the technology to customers every day-something he loves to do. He started with NetScaler in 2000, working across the US and even internationally, landing large accounts like Google and Microsoft for the company in 2002.

Since then he has focused on the SoCal area where he lives, working on both enterprise and dotcom accounts. He is especially excited about the new NetScaler SD-WAN technology the company has just acquired, as well as recent advances in the devops and microservices space with the NetScaler CPX, and automation and reporting of all these solutions with NetScaler MAS and Security Insight. Prior to NetScaler, Bino worked at iwin.com in West LA, and previous to that he was at Columbia University (his alma mater) in the Networking group for 3 years.

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