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Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi • Nov 8 - 11 2010

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By working at many levels within the corporate, government, and underground communities, Black Hat continues to provide a forum for the newest vulnerabilities, defense mechanisms, and industry trends. Research presented at each event draws press coverage from leading industry and business publications throughout the world.

Education key to cyber security: Black Hat

Education plays a crucial role in the fight against cybercrime, a growing concern especially at a time when the internet has become a breeding ground for hackers consistently prowling for victims, says the founder of Black Hat Briefings, an international IT security conference.

allroya / Criselda E. Diala : 7 November 2010

Black Hat promises new exploit techniques, Stuxnet insight

The Black Hat security conference will kick off in Abu Dhabi on Monday with new information revealed about the Stuxnet malicious software program along with other cutting-edge research. / Jeremy Kirk : 6 November 2010

A Different Spin On Sleuthing Stuxnet

Black Hat Abu Dhabi speaker to present homegrown tool and approach to tracing the origins of Stuxnet.

dark reading / Kelly Jackson Higgins : 5 November 2010

HTML5 Tricks Hijack Browsers To Crack Passwords, Spew Spam

The next major revamp to hit the Web, HTML5, promises to make the Web more powerful and flexible for the sites that adopt it. So flexible, in fact, that hackers like Lavakumar Kuppan are already hard at work demonstrating how the bad guys can twist it into new malicious uses.

forbes / Andy Greenberg : 4 November 2010

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