Learn How Public Opinion Gets Hacked Ahead of the 2020 Elections

Renée DiResta's keynote address at Black Hat USA next month promises new and important insights into how bad actors and nation states use information operations to hack public opinion.

Election security is a pressing concern for many in the U.S. as we head into the 2020 presidential elections, but just as pressing is the need to defend the voting public from targeted disinformation campaigns.

That's why Black Hat organizers are excited to confirm that Renée DiResta (of the Stanford Internet Observatory) will present a keynote address at the virtual Black Hat USA event next month that offers cutting-edge insight into how bad actors are using everything from disinformation to conspiracy theories to hack public opinion and change the course of history.

In her hour-long keynote on Hacking Public Opinion DiResta will bring you up to speed on the mechanics of modern-day information operations. Online disinformation has reached fever pitch: grifters pushing fake cures for COVID-19, nation states spinning pandemic conspiracies, domestic ideologues coordinating to push manipulative videos about presidential candidates. The flood of conflicting messages is overwhelming individuals and manipulating communities - and social networks are struggling to keep up.

Using a deep dive into the tactics behind some of the most impactful recent operations, DiResta will demonstrate the ways in which hacking the information environment is similar and different from the kind of intrusions cybersecurity professionals normally deal with.

Expect to conclude with a look ahead to the 2020 elections and a call to use your skills in defense of democracy, with examples of how cybersecurity's most sophisticated players -- nation states -- leverage not only social networks but network infiltration to influence, distract, and manipulate large communities of people. Find out how at Black Hat USA next month!

Register now for this year's fully virtual Black Hat USA, still scheduled to take place August 1st through 6th, and get more information about the event on the Black Hat website.

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