Behold: The Black Hat USA 2012 Schedule

We're sure it feels like a routine now - we announce a few new sessions, tell you the schedule is coming soon, and do it all again in the next post. But here's a scary hypothetical - what if we were just lulling you into complacency? Now that we've blown your mind, we're thrilled to announce that the official Black Hat 2012 schedule is open for perusal, right here.

Just like last year, Black Hat 2012 will feature nine concurrent tracks every day, a continual mix of workshops and presentations. The trainings will take place July 21-24, while the open briefings will occur on July 25-26. We've just selected 30 new briefings, so check them out on the schedule or on the briefings page

While you're here, we'd also like to draw your attention to the Black Hat USA 2012 Track Chair Preview Webcast that's going on live Thursday, July 12. The webcast will run for an hour, with time at the end for Q&A.

That's a lot of Intel for today! Check back soon to meet our Black Hat Track Chairs and read about their selections. As always, check us out on Twitter and be our friend on Facebook!

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