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As our Black Hat Asia Review Board continues review a record number of submissions, we are releasing new selections in batches. Below are the most recently announced Briefings, with links to their abstracts.

For a complete list of ALL Briefings selected to date, and to search by specific tracks, click here.

AES Wireless Keyboard – Template Attack for Eavesdropping
By Kwonyoup Kim & Taehyun Kim & Taewon Kim & Sangryol Ryu

All Your Payment Tokens Are Mine: Vulnerabilities of Mobile Payment Systems
By Zhe Zhou

Back To The Epilogue: How to Evade Windows' Control Flow Guard with Less than 16 Bytes
By Andrea Biondo & Mauro Conti & Daniele Lain

Breach Detection At Scale With AWS Honey Tokens
By Dan Bourke & Daniel Grzelak

Death Profile
By Ju Zhu & Moony Li

KSMA: Breaking Android Kernel isolation and Rooting with ARM MMU Features
By Yong Wang & Chengming Yang & Baozeng Ding & Yang Song

New Compat Vulnerabilities in Linux Device Drivers
By Pengfei Ding & Chenfu Bao

Prison Break Season 6: Defeating the Mitigations Adopted by Android OEMs
By Jun Yao & Tong Lin

Securing Your In-Ear-Fitness Coach: Challenges in Hardening Next Generation Wearables
By Kavya Racharla & Sumanth Naropanth

UbootKit: A Worm Attack for the Bootloader of IoT Devices
By Jingyu Yang & Chen Geng






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