It's late. You're in the office alone, catching up on database administration. Behind you, your network servers hum along quietly, reliably.  Life is good. Life is secure.  Or is it?

A wave of unease washes over you.  The air seems cold and frighteningly still. Your hands turn clammy as a sixth sense tells you, suddenly, you're not alone.  They're out there.  Worse, they're trying to get in. But who? And how? And what can you do to stop them? 

Presented by DEF CON Communications and Cambridge Technology Partners, the Black Hat Briefings have been organized to put an end to nightmares like these. While many conferences focus on information and network security, only the Black Hat Briefings will put your engineers and software programmers face-to-face with today's cutting edge computer security experts and "hackers". 

Only the Black Hat Briefings will provide your people with the tools and understanding they need to thwart those lurking in the shadows of your firewall. The reality is they are out there. 

The choice is yours. You can live in fear of them. Or, you can learn from them.