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Black Hat Europe 2009 Training Index

Moevenpick City Centre • April 14-15

All course materials, lunch and two coffee breaks will be provided.
A Certificate of Completion will be offered for each class.

Course Offerings

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Auditing and Assessment

Hacking by Numbers: Bootcamp by SensePost

Novice level. A highly practical course that teaches method-based hacker thinking, skills and techniques.



Hands–On Hardware Hacking and Reverse Engineering Techniques by Joe Grand

This course focuses entirely on hardware hacking and techniques to defeat the security of hardware products.

RFID, Access Control and Biometric Systems by Zac Franken & Adam Laurie

Discover the vulnerabilities in access control systems, the technologies in use, and their strengths, weaknesses and limitations.


Exploit Laboratory by Saumil Shah

The Exploit Laboratory is an intense hands-on class for those wishing to dive into vulnerability analysis and exploit writing.

Reverse Engineering on Windows by Pedram Amini and Ero Carrera

The course will cover the basics of x86 assembly and pattern recognition, Windows process memory layout, tools of the trade (such as IDA Pro and OllyDbg), the PE file format and basic exploitation methodologies abused by worms to penetrate a target system (stack/heap overflows).

SAP (In)Security by Mariano Nunez Di Croce

How to secure an SAP system? How to perform a security assessment of an SAP system? These are two questions that this course will answer.

TCP/IP Weapons School 2.0 by Richard Bejtlich.

Brand new for 2009, this hands-on, lab-centric class by Richard Bejtlich focuses on collection, detection, escalation, and response for digital intrusions.

To be sure of a seat in the training of your choice, register now.



Hotel & Venue information for Black Hat Europe 2009 Briefings and Training.
The show will be held at the Moevenpic Amstersdam City Center.

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