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Black Hat USA 2004 Briefings & Training Registration

There are two easy ways to register:

To purchase registration via Wire Transfer:
Please fill out the following wire transfer form and fax the completed form a well as a printout of the completed on-line registration form to:

Black Hat USA 2004 Registration
Facsimilie: +1 206 219 4143.

Please remember to electronically SUMBIT the online registration form by hitting the "SUBMIT" button.

To purchase registration via credit card:
Please complete the on-line registration form. The charge on the credit card will show up as "Convention Meeting Services" and will be in US dollars. The exchange rate will be based on the current days' exchange rate.
Black Hat Asia 2003 Registration

Online Registration will be open until July 23.

EIN number request:
If you require the Black Hat EIN number, please fax the paperwork to us and we will complete and return it to you. FAX forms to: +1 206 219 4143. Requests can be also be made to: ping at blackhat dot com. Requests should include a fax number and person who should receive the information.

Super Early Bird Registration closes on April 1 (save $300 off the Briefings).
Early Bird Registration closes on July 1 (save $200 off the Briefings).
On-site registration will be available after July 23.

Registration and general conference FAQ

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