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Black Hat Europe 2005 Conference Overview

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Black Hat Europe Training 2006
Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky, Amsterdam • 28 February- 01 March

All course materials, lunch and two coffee breaks will be provided. A Certificate of Completion will be offered for each class. See the training schedule.

course offerings
28 February - 1 March

Ninja level. Sensepost's Bootcamp Edition class experience helpful.

Hacking by Numbers: Combat

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Intense course encompassing binary analysis, reverse engineering and bug finding.

Analyzing Software for Security Vulnerabilities
Halvar Flake, Black Hat


New course offering from the creator of BugScan

Binary Static Analysis: From the Inside-Out
Matt Hargett

New for 2005

Essential background material for effective reverse engineering.

Reverse Engineering with IDA Pro
Chris Eagle


Advanced class developed and taught by the creators of Root-kit.

ROOTKIT: Advanced 2nd Generation Digital Weaponry
Greg Hoglund and Jamie Butler

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This course is a new offering with very limited seats.

Digital Investigations: Practical Digital Forensic Analysis
the Grugq


This course is a new offering with very limited seats.

Live Hacking on Honeypots
Laurent Oudot

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New for 2005

Discover flaws in database security and effectively develop strategies to keep attackers out

Advanced Database Security Assessment
NGS Software

New for 2006

Learn how to expose the inner mechanisms of exploits and how they work. The class is highly hands-on and very lab intensive.

The Exploit Laboratory - Buffer Overflows For Beginners
Saumil Udayan Shah


A new hands-on course offering from the creator of Hacking Cisco Networks

Infrastructure Attacktecs™ & Defentecs™: Cisco Voice Over IP
Steve Dugan & Rodney Thayer


Extremely popular and intense hands-on course.

Infrastructure Attacktecs™ & Defentecs™: Hacking Cisco Networks
Steve Dugan

New for 2005

Wireless Security Class... Hot!

Invisible Network, Invisible Risk
Adam Laurie

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briefings hotel

Attend the Briefings, 2 -3 March 2006 immediately following the Training. The Briefings will consist of four different tracks over two days.

Hotel & Venue information for Black Hat Europe 2006 Briefings and Training. The show will be held at the Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

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