Black Hat Europe 2011

Black Hat EUROPE 2011 //training

Hotel Rey Juan Carlos • March 15-16

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Complete List of Black Hat Europe 2011 Training Courses

Black Hat Europe 2011 brings together the best minds in security to define tomorrow's information security landscape.


Registrants are notified when courses are chosen for cancellation; this training list reflects all course availabilities and is updated regularly.

Database Breach Investigations: Oracle Edition
//David Litchfield

This training course will teach students the tricks and techniques hackers use to break into Oracle database servers and then how to peform a database security breach investigation covering evidence collection, collation and analysis using V3RITY for Oracle, the world's first database specific forensics and breach investigation tool.

Digital Intelligence Gathering Using Maltego //NEW 2011
// Paterva

Unlock the true potential and raw power of Maltego. Join us and we'll show you how to navigate and map the Internet's darkest rivers...

The Exploit Laboratory
//Saumil Udayan Shah & S.K. Chong

Learn how to expose the inner mechanisms of exploits and how they work. The class is highly hands-on and very lab intensive.

Finding Security Bugs in Closed-source Software: Beginner
//Halvar Flake

Intense beginner course encompassing binary analysis, reverse engineering and bug finding.

Hacking by Numbers: Combat Training

Advanced level. This course is all hack, no talk.

Mac Hacking Class
// Vincenzo Iozzo & Dino Dai Zovi

The aim of this class is to provide the student with all the skills needed in order to fully perform research on this OS. Specifically how to write payloads, what are the tools needed to perform research and all the hidden oddities of OS X which other UNIX-based systems don't have.

Malware Analysis: Black Hat Edition by MANDIANT
//MANDIANT (Michael Sikorski & Steve Davis)

This introductory course is for those interested in entering the field of malicious software analysis.

Real World Security: Attack, Defend, Repel
//Peak Security

An intensive 2 day course/exercise for the security professional that wants to up the ante on their current skill sets in offensive and defensive security. Learn new tactics and receive guidance from expert instructors while you test yourself in a team vs team environment. Hands on and technical.

RFID, Access Control & Biometric Systems
//Zac Franken & Adam Laurie

This workshop is geared towards security professionals whose duties and responsibilities include guiding security decisions for whole departments or even entire companies.

Tactical Exploitation
// Val Smith

Using a combination of new tools and lesser-known techniques, attendees will learn how hackers compromise systems without depending on standard exploits.

The Web Application Hacker's Handbook - Live Edition //NEW 2010
//Dafydd Stuttard & Marcus Pinto

This course follows the chapters of The Web Application Hacker's Handbook, with strong focus on practical attacks and methods and concludes with a Capture the Flag contest.

TCP/IP Weapons School 3.0
// Richard Bejtlich, TaoSecurity

Use the network to your advantage while building incident detection and response skills to counter advanced and targeted threats.