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Black Hat Japan 2004 Briefings and Training
Tokyo 14-15 October 2004

NOTE: Speaking has been changed to start at 12:30 on October 14. Please review the schedule!

Black Hat Japan Briefings Registration is now open.
Rates will be:

  • Early Bird and Special Introductory Rate: 60,000 yen if registered on or before 1 October 2004
  • Regular and Onsite Rate: 80,000 yen if registered after 1 October 2004

Black Hat Japan 2004 Briefings Schedule. There will be 2 tracks, over 2 days comprised of renowned information and computer security professionals.

Selected Black Hat Japan 2004 Briefings Speakers. Topic titles, presentation abstracts and speaker biographies may be found here.

Black Hat Japan 2004 Hotel & Venue Information. You can find maps of the surrounding area as well as travel related information.

Black Hat Japan 2004 Sponsors

On 14-15 October 2004 Black Hat Inc. together with Internet Association Japan will host the first Black Hat Briefings in Tokyo Japan. Every year, over 2000 internet security specialists and practitioners from around the world gather in USA, Netherlands and Singapore to discuss and exchange the latest development and technologies in internet security. For the first this year, these experts will gather in Tokyo, Japan in October to disclose their knowledge, research and experience in internet security for the benefit of the attendees from Japan and around North Asia. Attendees will get the rare chance to meet with these experts up close and to ask specific questions about their findings, encouraging quality exchange of information among the international attendees in this part of the world.

Black Hat Briefings was originally founded in 1997 by Jeff Moss to fill the need of computer security professionals to better understand the security risks to their computers and information infrastructures by potential threats. To do this, the Black Hat Briefings assembles a group of vendor neutral security professionals and let them speak candidly about the problems businesses face, and the solutions they see to those problems. No gimmicks, no sales pitches, just straight talk by people who make it their business to explore the ever-changing security space.

The Black Hat Briefings’ intense sessions bring to light the security and mis-configuration problems confronting organizations and network administrators where security gets put off in lieu of constant network growth and upgrades. Our speakers from United States of America, Europe and Asia will discuss the strategies involved in correcting existing problems and speak towards what you can expect in the future.

With unmatched depth and focus at the heart of the computer security community, the Black Hat Briefings is positioned to be the indispensable knowledge base for smart, informed decision making and practices in the age of information technology worldwide.

ISC2 credits are available for qualified delegates.
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