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Black Hat Europe 2024

Call for Papers Opens: June 2024

Briefings Dates/Location: December 11-12, 2024 – ExCel London, United Kingdom


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Black Hat Asia 2024

Open October 17 - December 22, 2023

  • Call for Papers Opens: October 17, 2023 (12:00AM SGT)
  • Call for Papers Closes: December 22, 2023 (11:59PM SGT)
  • Notification to Submitters: late February 2024
  • Briefings Dates/Location: April 18-19, 2024 in Singapore

The deadline has passed. Call for papers is now closed. If you have an account or submitted a proposal, you can still sign in.

Terms & Dates are subject to change.

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Black Hat

Black Hat USA 2024

Open February 9 - April 10, 2024

  • Call for Papers Opened: February 9, 2024 (12:00 AM PST)
  • Call for Papers Closed: April 10, 2024 (11:59 PM PST)
  • Notification to Submitters: early June 2024
  • Briefings Dates/Location: August 7-8, 2024 - Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Las Vegas, NV USA

Terms & Dates are subject to change.

The deadline has passed. Call for papers is now closed. If you have an account or submitted a proposal, you can still sign in.

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What are the Black Hat Briefings?

Since their inception, Black Hat Briefings continue to provide security professionals with a place to learn the very latest in information security risks, research and trends. Leading security researchers from around the world take the stage each year to share their latest work and exploits in a friendly, vendor-neutral environment. Attendees will experience groundbreaking research on topics ranging from vulnerabilities within popular consumer devices, to critical international infrastructure threats, and everything in between.

Briefings Format

Briefings are presented live and in-person with on-demand recordings of Briefings available after the event. (On-demand recordings will be available to Briefings passholders beginning one week after the live event and will be available for 30 days.)

Track Descriptions

Determine which track(s) your submission falls under. A complete list of track descriptions can be found below. (If you're unsure which track(s) your submission fits best, just choose the primary and/or secondary tracks that seem most appropriate. The review board will reassign your submission, if needed.)


Optional resources to help you create your proposal.

Sample Submissions

View samples of accepted submissions that received positive reviews:

View Samples (PDF)

White Papers

Submissions that include White Papers are highly encouraged and will also be given priority.

There are no specific white paper templates, rules, or limitations, however the system will only allow .txt files to be uploaded, so please provide a link to your white paper in the section marked “For Review Board Only”. (You are welcome to provide a shareable link for the review board only, if the whitepaper is not yet published.)


If you will be releasing a new tool in conjunction with your proposed Briefings talk, please answer the following question within the Briefings Submission Platform: “Will You Be Releasing a New Tool? If Yes, Describe the Tool.” Please briefly describe the tool and how it complements your presentation (including category - open source or commercial, planned release date and license type).


"I am planning to release a new, open source tool, should I submit through the Briefings CFP and/or Arsenal CFT?"

The focus of your submission will dictate which avenue is best suited:

  • For Briefings – Briefings are designed for in-depth talks addressing specific problems or topics, with the tool serving as a complementary component. The tool should enhance the discussion by offering solutions, uncovering new data, or aiding research. Talks that revolve primarily around the tool itself, the tool’s development process or functionality are best suited for Arsenal.

  • For Arsenal – Arsenal serves as a platform for developers to showcase cutting-edge open-source tools and products. Demonstrations are conducted in an open, interactive environment where presenters can engage directly with attendees, offering hands-on experiences. Participants can explore new tools and learn about innovative research. Please note that the Arsenal Call for Tools (CFT) usually closes earlier than the Briefings Call for Papers (CFP).

    Learn more about the Arsenal CFT

"If I submit my talk via the Briefings CFP, will my tool be automatically considered for Arsenal?"

No, if you want your open source tool to be considered for Arsenal, please submit an Arsenal CFT. Both selections are independent and distinct.

Coordinated Disclosure

Black Hat strongly supports and encourages coordinated disclosure. To this end, Black Hat has a strong partnership with the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) to provide pro-bono legal consultations to security researchers on the legality of any research or data they plan to present at the event.

If you have questions about the legal implications of your security research or presentation, contact Electronic Frontier Foundation at

Review Board & Content Selection

The Black Hat Review Boards are comprised of the industry's most credible and distinguished security professionals and thought leaders throughout various areas of the information security community. The Review Boards advise Black Hat on reviewing and programming conference content and providing unparalleled insight into the research community.

Black Hat strives to deliver one of the most empirical content selection processes in the industry. All submissions are vetted thoroughly by the Review Boards. Each submission is reviewed for uniqueness, overall content expertise, and accuracy before any selections are made. Through the course of this dynamic review process, Review Board members will frequently ask researchers for clarity on any areas of question in their submission(s) – whether it be about the uniqueness or audacity of claims made. The best submissions come with academic-grade papers, proof-of-concept code, and/or video demonstrations of the work done. Of note, Black Hat does not support pay-for-play Briefings. The Briefings are, and always have been, independently selected based on quality of content and area of expertise rather than sponsorship.

Speaker Benefits*

Student Scholarship Nominations:

  • As a way to introduce the next generation of security professionals to the Black Hat community, each speaking team may nominate up to 2 students to receive a complimentary Briefings pass.

Conference Registration:

  • One complimentary Briefings pass per Speaker(s)/Contributor (max 5)
  • Passes are not transferable.


  • Black Hat Asia, Europe and USA - $1000 USD for one Speaker per session

Travel Reimbursement:

  • Black Hat USA - Up to $1000 USD Domestic/$1500 USD International for One Speaker per Session.
  • Black Hat Asia, and Europe - Up to $1000 USD Domestic/$1300 USD international for One Speaker per Session.
  • (Economy-class, round-trip airfare. Receipt must be provided. Not available for local speakers.)


  • Black Hat Asia, Europe and USA - 3 Nights for One Speaker per Session.
  • (Room will be booked and paid for by Black Hat at a designated property. Reimbursement not available if room booked outside designated room block. Not available for local speakers.)

Complimentary Optional Speaker Coaching Program:

  • Available for Black Hat USA and Black Hat Asia speakers only.

*These benefits are available to Briefings Speakers Only. For speaker benefits for other programs, such as Arsenal, Summits, Community, etc., please contact the appropriate program manager.

Submission Requirements

  1. Submissions may only be entered by researchers/speakers (no submissions from PR firms/marketing representatives).
  2. Black Hat does not accept product or vendor-related pitches and will disqualify any product or vendor pitch.
  3. Submissions must clearly detail the concepts, ideas, findings, and solutions a researcher or speaking team plans to present.
  4. Submissions that highlight new research, tools, vulnerabilities, etc. will be given priority.
  5. Submissions that include White Papers are highly encouraged and will also be given priority.
  6. Black Hat will disqualify incomplete submissions; complete your submission in its entirety.
  7. Individuals may submit more than one proposal, but each proposal must be submitted via a separate submission form.
  8. Each submission must include biographies of the proposed speaking team.
  9. Submitters will be contacted directly if Review Board members have any questions about a submission.
  10. Submissions that include text generated entirely from a large-scale language model (LLM) such as ChatGPT, Google Bard, etc. are prohibited. Submitters may use LLM tools for editing or polishing author-written text ONLY.
  11. Selected speakers are expected to present in-person.


By submitting a proposal via the Black Hat Call for Papers system, submitters selected to speak understand and agree to the Terms as detailed in this section.

  • By speaking at a Black Hat conference, Speakers grant Black Hat permission to record, reproduce, distribute, advertise, and show a Speaker's presentation including but not limited to, conference proceedings and materials, audio, video, printed and/or electronic ads, fliers, mailers, etc.
  • The Black Hat Review Boards will have access to all submissions and materials.
    • Review Board access to submissions is provisioned under MOU with Black Hat and Informa. The MOU outlines the rules of confidentiality, conduct, standards, and policies that guide the Black Hat review process as well as the expectations and responsibilities required to be on a Black Hat Review Board.
    • Prospective Speakers should not directly contact any Black Hat Review Board member regarding the status of submission(s) or feedback.
  • Reviews, acceptances and/or declines are conducted on a rolling basis.
  • All correspondence and queries should be sent to
  • Researchers and research teams should be aware of the following guidelines regarding the number of researchers permitted to present.
    • Up to 2 speakers (Additional contributors who are not able to present due to the speaker limit will still receive recognition on the Black Hat website as long as they are listed on the original Call for Papers submission.)
  • Conference passes are non-transferable.
  • Co-workers, PR representatives, etc. must register and pay the appropriate fees to attend the Briefings.
  • If the presentation is deemed to be a work of plagiarism or a blatant vendor pitch, Black Hat may revoke the Speaker's honorarium and the Speaker will not be considered for future speaking opportunities.
  • Black Hat reserves the right to change scheduled speaking times as necessary. While every effort will be made to honor assigned times, Speakers may be called upon to present at any time during the conference.
  • Black Hat reserves the right to rescind an accepted submission without reason.
  • Black Hat believes the InfoSec community should be truly open to everyone. As such, Black Hat is committed to providing a friendly, safe and welcoming environment for all, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, disability, ethnicity, or religion. Speakers are required to follow the Black Hat Code of Conduct.

Additional Event Information

Please visit for previous conference archives, information, and talks. Updated announcements about Black Hat will be posted to newsgroups, security mailing lists, and the Black Hat website when available.

We reserve the right to change or modify our Terms, dates and/or content of this page at any time without prior notice.

Again, feel free to reach out to if you have any questions.

We look forward to receiving your submission!

Thank you.
The Black Hat Team

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